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Villain Overview

Discord (as Grogar): Where one is weak, another is strong, and thus unified, they are a formidable force! But we shall use their own strategy to defeat them!
Queen Chrysalis: What are you suggesting?
Discord (as Grogar): I suggest nothing. I
demand that you join me, and together, Equestria will be ours!
~ Discord assembling his team in order to boost Twilight's confidence in The Beginning of the End.
Queen Chrysalis: You know what's stronger than friendship, Twilight? FEAR!
Tirek: Cause' when you have to protect yourself, you don't have time for anypony else!
Cozy Glow: Too bad you never taught
that in school!
~ The Legion of Doom preparing to murder Twilight in The Ending of the End.

The "Legion of Doom" is the unofficial name for a team that served as the main antagonistic faction of Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It is a team of Equestria's greatest villains assembled and were formally led by Grogar for the purpose of defeating the Mane 6 and taking over Equestria. However, it is later revealed that "Grogar" is actually Discord in disguise, who wanted to use the villains to push Twilight Sparkle and her friends into becoming confident rulers of Equestria, which ultimately ended up backfiring. After betraying Discord, the team was then led by Queen Chrysalis, though they were ultimately defeated by the Mane Six and were all turned to stone by Celestia, Luna, and Discord.

The team consisted of Discord (as Grogar), Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. King Sombra was offered to join as well, but he flat out refused and went to conquer Equestria on his own before he was defeated by the Mane Six.


Season 9

The Beginning of the End

A powerful, mysterious being pulls Cozy Glow and Lord Tirek from Tartarus, snatches Queen Chrysalis from her hiding place, and resurrects King Sombra. This being is Discord, who disguised himself as the ram necromancer named Grogar who had ruled ancient Equestria as its emperor with his Bewitching Bell and an army of monsters thousands of years ago, until he was defeated by a pony named Gusty the Great and her Unicorn Warriors.

Taking on his Grogar disguise, Discord pretended that with his powers restored, he has returned looking to conquer Equestria once more. Realizing that the Mane Six always win due to working together as a team, he decides to form a team of his own, promising the other villains that they will rule Equestria at his side, though unknown to the villains, Discord had assembled the team to test whether the Mane Six are ready for whatever challenges they face. However, King Sombra rejects the offer and goes off to take over Equestria on his own.

When King Sombra is defeated again by the Rainbow of Harmony, Discord (as Grogar) chooses not to resurrect him again, using him as an example of what happens to those who defy him (with the implication that the will do to the other three if they do not submit to his authority). Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow fearfully comply.


The other villains argue about what the best way of being a villain is until Discord (as Grogar) sends them on a mission to retrieve the real Grogar's Bewitching Bell from Mount Everhoof. The three villains try to get to the bell but to no avail. After they bond over their shared hatred of Twilight Sparkle, the three villains work together to retrieve the Bewitching Bell and prove successful. The three villains are almost on the verge of redemption until Chrysalis snaps herself and her allies out of it and convinces them to betray Discord (as Grogar).

Returning to Discord (as Grogar), the three trick him into thinking that they failed to retrieve it. Discord (as Grogar) is angry, but nonetheless is glad that the three worked together. Unknown to him, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, who are now allies, plan to use the bell to defeat him and Twilight and take over Equestria for themselves before destroying one another.

The Summer Sun Setback

Since then, they head to Canterlot to retrieve information from the archives in order to master the Bewitching Bell while Discord attends the Summer Sun Celebration while also trying to find a new source of power to use. Once they arrive, the three villains ruin the holiday festival after learning that Princesses Celestia and Luna's castle is heavily guarded. They succeeded in grabbing a book from the archives with their teamwork and return back to "Grogar"'s lair. Discord (as Grogar) also returns and reveals that he had found something else and will retrieve it the next day. The three villains decide to master the bell before Discord (as Grogar) returns and despite the Mane Six having fixed the festival, but Chrysalis tells them their plan was to distract Twilight and her friends so theyd sneak in, they still express their joy on watching the Earth Ponies, Pegasus, and Unicorns turn on each other, until Cozy and Chrysalis discover the true source of the Mane 6's power.

The Ending of the End

The three villains start to spread rumors and lies to each of the pony tribes to make sure that nobody can help the Mane Six. They find out how to use the Bewitching Bell and gain powerful forms. Eventually, Discord's minions succeed in betraying him by using the Bell to absorb his magic out and he reverts to his true form which also exposes him of his Grogar disguise much to their shock. Due to this, he is forced to leave the lair. After testing Discord's magic on Cozy Glow but realize that it is too powerful to control, the villains decide to contain it before heading out to conquer Equestria and divide it up into three kingdoms for each of them to rule. Tirek fights and easily defeats the Pillars of Equestria, Chrysalis attacks the School of Friendship to fight Starlight Glimmer and easily defeats her while Cozy Glow fights the Mane Six and Spike while having used the Bewitching Bell to absorb Princesses Celestia and Luna's magic. But the Mane 6 and Spike get the upper hoof on Cozy, using their teamwork to knock her down, showing how much stronger the Mane 6 than before against one villain, and just they were about to defeat Cozy again, Chrysalis and Tirek arrive to help Cozy Glow. Twilight argues with her enemies, gjving them the same confident speech from earlier to tell them they'll never stopn until they're defeated, until they laugh at Twilight and reveal what they did behind their backs about their plan of turning each of the pony tribes against each other, so they wont get any backup help, thus preventing the rainbow magic of friendship with hatred and fear spread across Equestria and everything the Mane Six ever had to defeat them and all the other villains. They destroy Canterlot and mock Twilight how she and her friends never prepared themselves to fight them as they grabbed Twilight and attempted to finally defeat and kill Twilight Sparkle all together, knowing she'll never get in the way of their plans or inspire others to stop them ever again, but Rarity violently hurls a boulder at the three villains as she saves Twilight's life. The villains try to blast Twilight's friends instead, but Twilight uses another boulder as a shield but they tell Twilight to escape and get help as the villains capture the princesses, Discord and Twilight's friends while Twilight reluctantly escapes.

The three villains imprison their enemies under the catacombs of Canterlot. Tirek claims they need to find Twilight, claiming that she's still a threat to the group, despite everything she did in the past Chrysalis foolishly believes they should not go after Twilight since she doesn't believe she's a threat (even though she did help defeat her behind her back in the past), and debate on how to use the Alicorns' magic without risking taking Discord's magic. Discord "offers" to tell them with Chrysalis and Cozy Glow being interested but Tirek knows that he will never tell it. Discord then insults Tirek about his daddy issues to blast Starlight's cage which has her free everyone else but only the Mane Five and Spike are able to escape while the princesses, Discord and Starlight are recaptured. Tirek and Cozy Glow want the Windigos destroyed but Chrysalis sees it as an opportunity to break the ponies spirits and that when the land is a frozen wasteland, they will use their magic to destroy the Windigos to make the ponies see them as heroes to make them do what they want. The three villains see the Mane Six and Spike and prepare to battle them. The three villains are distracted by Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie while Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike get the bell but the villains see through the distraction quickly and prevent them. Chrysalis cowardly orders them to stop and threatens to pull Spike's wings off in which the Mane Six surrender. The villains the prepare to finally defeat and kill Twilight and her friends to finally get their revenge and have them out of the way. Fortunately, the Young Six having convinced their kinds to work together and help Twilight and her friends arrive. After all ponies and creatures overwhelm the villains, Twilight confronts them and delivers a speech to them about the Magic of Friendship and that there will always be those who seek the light despite how much darkness there is. The Mane Five, Spike, the Pillars and Young Six join her and their combined magic banishes the Windigos and strips the three villains of their powerful forms. Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow are defeated once again as Chrysalis foolishly can't accept that friendship is stronger than her as she swears revenge on Twilight that they'll always return until Pinkie Pie takes control of the Bewitching Bell with Discord's magic and shuts Chrysalis up by dropping a giant cupcake on her, Cozy and Tirek. As Discord, Celestia and Luna get their magic back, a furious Celestia yells at the villains for a deep punishment they so well deserve for all the destruction and pain they've caused. Discord gives Celestia and Luna an idea as Celestia, Luna, and Discord charge up their magic, zapping the villains, seemingly hurting them but turning them into stone like Discord did to make sure they never return to hurt anyone again, marking the end of Twilight and her friends' sworn villainous enemies forever.

The Last Problem

The statues of Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow briefly appear in a newspaper Twilight Sparkle shows to Spike. It is stated by Jim Miller that after their stoning, they were most likely placed in the Canterlot gardens much like Discord's statue. It is unknown if the stoning is permanent unlike Discord's, but in response to a question as to if Cozy would be alright, Jim Miller stated "Cozy's fine, just in suspended animation", indicating they are asleep or unconscious for their stoning. The use of present tense in that statement could imply that they are still trapped in stone as of the epilogue, though this has yet to be confirmed. Either way, they likely will never be able to hurt any creature again.



  • After Discord's secret and treachery was revealed, Queen Chrysalis self appointed herself to take leadership for the team, thus coming up with the plans and conspires with Tirek and Cozy, sometimes giving them commands and orders. However, Tirek and Cozy questioned Chrysalis's plan to use the Windigoes to their own advantage and after Equestria is a frozen wasteland, they will use their magic to destroy the beasts and ponies will become so grateful that they will do everything Chrysalis says. Tirek claims this to be a terrible idea and recommends that they deal with the threat now, before they too become victims as well, much to Chrysalis' anger.
    • Chrysalis also came up with the plan in "The Summer Sun Setback". When Cozy Glow expressed disappointment that the Summer Sun Celebration wasn't ruined by their efforts to sabotage it, Chrysalis reminded her that this was merely a distraction. She was also the first one to suggest betraying "Grogar", and to resist the magic of friendship. In addition, she is the only one who does not seem intimidated when they are defeated.
    • Cozy Glow seemed to be the leader in "Frenemies", claiming Grogar left her in charge, leading the villain song, coming up with the plan for Tirek to absorb Chrysalis's magic to get Grogar's bell, and trying to get Tirek and Chrysalis to get along.
    • While Cozy Glow and Chrysalis both came up with successful plans, Tirek is the only one who didn't uselessly try to climb Mt. Everhoof on his own, and also, when they had the other Mane 5 as their prisoners, suggested hunting down Twilight, as well as wanting to destroy the Windigos, realizing how much of a threat they were, and knowing they couldn't control Discord's magic, despite seeming like the "muscle" archetype in the Legion. He is also the only one who realizes Discord would not tell them how to use his magic, although Discord is successful in tricking him immediately afterwards.
  • In the Season 9 premiere, King Sombra is the only antagonist who flat out refused to join the team and went to take over Equestria by himself, which led to his final defeat.
  • Before they came together, all three of them were main villains of even season finales: Seasons 2 and 6 for Chrysalis, Season 4 for Tirek, and Season 8 for Cozy Glow.
  • They are the only unreformed villains to be the main characters of an episode.
  • Many took their near-friendship moment in "Frenemies" as a sign that they would reform. This, ultimately, proved to be misleading, likely trying to trick fans dreading their redemption into thinking it would happen until they resisted it.
  • It is never revealed what was done with them after they were turned to stone. It is possible they were placed in Tartarus to prevent anyone from ever releasing them. It was stated by Jim Miller that they are in suspended animation, implying they are asleep as statues, unlike Discord, who suggested this punishment.
    • Though, many do not trust his word for some matters after misleading comments about Grogar, and perceive his word on the trio as what the person asking the question wanted to hear, and that, like much unanswered questions, it was left up for fans to decide. Some fans are inclined to think they are awake or dead as statues instead of asleep, and a common fan theory is that they can communicate telepathically.
  • It was also stated that the reason they were turned to stone at the end was to mirror Celestia and Luna turning Discord to stone the first time, and they were always intended to be the final antagonists due to being more familiar and personal enemies of the protagonists rather than a completely new enemy they'd never seen before.
  • In-universe, it is unclear why Discord never resurrected the Storm King to become part of the Legion as he did Sombra, since his lack of extreme power or intelligence compared to the other four wouldn't matter if Discord's plan was for Twilight to defeat Equestria's worst enemies. Out-of-universe, they did not want to bring the movie's voice actors back into the show, although they did recast Sombra.
    Villain Similarities in G1 and G4.jpeg
  • The villains working for "Grogar" (though this was Discord in disguise) in G4 is similar to the Raptorians working for Princess Porcina in G1. Both groups are a trio of villains who planned to use a magical object (Bewitching Bell/Porcina's Magic Cloak) to betray their leaders for their own purposes and are turned to stone/glass in the end.
  • Unlike King Sombra, the Legion weren't destroyed by the Rainbow of Harmony simply because they bonded over their shared hatred of Twilight Sparkle. Mostly likely since his body was made from shadow, and during the season 9 finale, the Rainbow of Harmony was practically prevented by Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy by dividing everypony, not only trying to make sure Twilight and her friends don't get back up help this time, but also trying to spread hatred towards each other across Equestria, so that the magic Rainbow of Harmony won't be strong enough to charge the Mane Six up when they bond together, revealing the villains found the true source of the Mane 6's power, that friendship is magic, and they knew they couldn't divide the Mane Six anymore, they divided everypony else instead to make their fights effect the magic of friendship since they knew the Mane Six's friendship isn't the only friendship that was magic.
  • Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy are also the second main villains in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise who were super close to having Twilight and her friends all finally defeated and killed after the Storm King in My Little Pony: The Movie who almost had them all defeated single handed, by an orb to turn them into stone, and by the Legion of Doom making a powerful beam mixed together to kill them, to have them out of the way so they never get in the way of their plans ever again but they all failed since the Mane 6 were saved by Tempest Shadow and all of Equestria.
  • The villains' main goal was to kill Twilight first before they take over Equestria, as they wanted sweet revenge on her for intervening and so she'll never get in the way of their evil plans ever again (despite that Chrysalis hated Starlight and wanted revenge on her for turning her hive against her and the Young Six defeating Cozy, they both hated Twilight more, knowing she's truly the one getting in their way, who inspired Starlight and the students to stop them in the first place).
  • In the end of the series, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow (including King Sombra and the Storm King) are the only main villains who all don't redeem and officially remained as Twilight's archenemies.


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