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The Legion of Dooooom is a recurring evil organization from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. It is an assembly of villains led by Gerald Fitzgerald, gathered for the purpose of selling houndstooth meth so they can raise money to initiate "Operation: D.D." (Operation: Deep Dish), which is a plan to turn all of Paradise into a giant pizza. They served as the main villains of the second season.



The Legion of Dooooom was assembled by Thester Carbomb IV at the end of the episode, "Paradise Found", as a gift for his leader, Gerald Fitzgerald to assist him with his evil plans. Thester assembled together a series of villains and criminals from previous episodes of Paradise P.D. Such villains included Frank and Jerry Flipperfist, Pedro Pooptooth, Edna Dorsaldigits, Puffy the Cigarette, Pat Robertson, and the newly introduced Harvey Weinstein, who was quickly cut from the team as Fitz believed that even villains such as themselves were too good for someone like him. Once The Legion of Dooooom was assembled, Fitz was ready to use them to help him prepare for his evil plan, which he called "Operation: D.D."

Houndstooth Meth Corporation

After an absence in "Big Ball Energy", The Legion of Dooooom wouldn't make their next appearance until the episode "Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick", where they would have inexplicably gained two new members, being Marcos Narcos and the Russian mobster. Fitz announced to the crew that he had uncovered the recipe for houndstooth meth and that he wanted everyone to get bust on making the drug so that they could sell it for monetary gain. All of the money they made off of houndstooth meth would go to funding Operation: D.D.

Assassination Attempt

In "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", The Legion of Dooooom would play a minor and insignificant role, with the only two members appearing other than Fitz, being Thester and Frank. The duo only made a brief cameo, planting a time bomb under Randall's police car to try and blow it up. However, Kevin spotted the bomb before Randall got into the car and stopped Randall from entering the soon-to-explode vehicle, saving him from imminent death.

Temporary Bankruptcy

In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Thester made the mistake of storing all of the company's profits in a storage unit, which he failed to pay the rent for on account of the money being locked in the storage unit. This led to them losing custody of their money, as it went to the next person to buy the storage unit, with this woman being Miss Geraldine, Reasonably infuriated, Fitz ranted and raved at Thester and demanded that he get the money back. Thester and Fitz went to Miss Geraldine's house only to find out she had donated the money to the Catholic Church, which is where the entire legion went to. There, they encountered a Catholic priest, who refused to give up his money without a fight and defeated them, with the help of his team of nuns.

After their embarrassing defeat, The Legion of Dooooom needed a new tactic. Pat Robertson managed to get Jesus Christ to help him with their evil plan, so long as Pat would stop being a bigoted fiend. It would soon turn out that Pat was actually bigoted and mean himself, as he was in love with Jesus. Jesus and The Legion of Dooooom went to the Catholic church and Jesus politely asked the priest for his money back. The priest got mad at Jesus and fought him and the rest of the Legion of Dooooom. After everyone was thrown out of the church, all hope seemed lost until Jerry barfed up all the money, having apparently swallowed it all during the fight, when no one was looking and escaped with it.

Censure and Stifling Evidence

Randall came into the facility, following a lead given by the FBI and discovered that Fitz was actually The Kingpin. Shocked by this news, Randall was going to tell on him but when he tried to tell Kevin, he made the mistake of first mentioning that he broke into the FBI, while Kevin was wearing a wire. This got him promptly arrested before he could tell the truth and taken away.

Later on, FBI agent, Agent Dunfore went into the Abandoned Dippin' Dots Factory, where The Legion of Dooooom was and discovered that Fitz was the kingpin. He was about to arrest him, when he was shot dead by FBI agent, Agent Clappers, an FBI agent who was manipulated into working for The Legion of Dooooom by Fitz.

Rise to Political Power

In "Flip the Vote", Fitz started running for mayor of Paradise, opposing Karen Crawford. He swore that if he became mayor, he would expose the kingpin. All of his employees worked on helping him to become the mayor. Because Karen pretty much unanimously got the votes of all Paradise citizens by legalizing houndstooth meth, which also but a damper of Fitz' illegal meth business, he needed to discover a group of untapped voters. Frank directed Fitz to Paradise's forgotten and long-ignored subspecies of citizens, the Flipper People. Fitz told the Flipper People that if he became mayor, he would allow them on land, which got all their votes and made him laudable competition for Karen.

Karen legally made it so that Flipper People were not official citizens of Paradise so the only way Fitz could turn the Flipper People back into citizens again was by marrying the Mother Dolphin. First, however, he needed to romance her. Due tot his, Fitz took the Mother Dolphin on a beautiful date and then fucked her good. That legally gave every single Flipper Person a green card so then they could vote.

When Karen heard that Flipper People were now legal immigrants, she had to play dirty and purge their votes, by forcing them to have to trim a baby's fingernails, wind a wristwatch, play "Camptown Races" on the flute, and climb a rock wall just to cast their votes. None of the Flipper People got to vote. However, none of her voters voted either, since they were all too high on meth to do anything. The only person in Paradise to vote was Kevin, who voted for Fitz, as he did not like how his mom was acting evil. When Fitz became the mayor, he admitted that he was the kingpin and then ran Paradise P.D. and Karen out of town by summoning his minions to shoot them with guns. Karen and the cops evacuated the city and went off the radar before anyone could stop him. Fitz ordered his minions to search for them and have them destroyed.

After another absence in "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberr'", wherein only Thester appeared, discovering the cops in Brickleberry, The Legion of Dooooom made their final return and ultimate appearance in "Operation DD", when Thester tracked the heroes down and told them that he was actually a good guy, who was pretending to work for Fitz so that he could cure him of his mental illness, which caused him to act the way he did. Thester revealed that Fitz had multiple personality disorder and that he got PTSD from nearly dying in an explosion, when killing The Kingpin and he had a "Kingpin" personality that took over his body and locked his true self in Pussyland. So, Paradise P.D., Karen, and Thester all went back to Paradise to stop The Legion of Dooooom.

Operation: D.D.

The heroes had to leap a newly constructed borderwall, fight through a team of Flipper People, and break into Fitz' Lair, only to be stopped by The Legion of Dooooom, who knew they were coming because Thester ratted them out, as a way of getting revenge on Randall for punching his nana's corpse in the face.

Fitz tied the heroes to the Mother Dolphin's fishtank and finally explained his evil plan. Fitz explained that "Operation DD" stood for "Operation Deep Dish" and his plan was to cover Paradise in yeast, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, and to nuke the whole city, which would cook it into a giant pizza.

Fitz locked all of the heroes in the dungeon and Agent Clappers let them out, also betraying Fitz. When they escaped. Gina Jabowski and Hopson distracted the employees by giving them a sexual harassment training seminar. However, they taught the Legion of Dooooom how to sexually harass people and they didn't like that because they were against sexual harassment. (With the exceptions of Thester, Fitz, and Edna Dorsaldigits).


After escaping, Kevin attacked Fitz and used a brain device to get into his brain, setting the real Fitz free so that he could defeat his alternate personality of The Kingpin, turning him back to normal. After Fitz was redeemed, everyone escaped his lair just in time for it to explode. They tried to disarm the nuclear missile but The Kingpin had planned on his defeat before it happened and made it so that the system would be impossible to hack so that he could restrict his redeemed future self from destroying the missile. Luckily, Dobby flew the Paradise PD chopper up into the missile, blowing it, and himself up to save Paradise. All was not well since there were two nuclear missiles and the second one landed on Paradise and blew it up, cooking it into a giant pizza, just as The Kingpin planned. This is how the season ended, leaving Season 2 on a cliffhanger.


Three months after Fitz returned to his true mindset, he had long since walked away from The Legion of Dooooom, leaving that dark moment of his past behind. However, The Legion of Dooooom themselves were not ready to move on and still wanted to take orders from him and commit more crimes. In "Top Cops", The Legion of Dooooom showed up in Fitz's apartment and scared the living daylights out of him, ready for their next mission. Fitz told them for the umpteenth time that he was no longer evil and The Legion of Dooooom was officially disbanded but they just wouldn't listen. Fitz decided the only way to get through to them is to play along with their charade. Fitz imitated his Kingpin person again and told them that he ordered them to go straight and abandon crime in favor of contributing positively to society. The Legion of Dooooom was very disappointed with this order but they knew that they had to follow it anyway.

Following their retirement from The Legion of Dooooom, Frank and Jerry Flipperfist moved on to open their own donut shop called "Frank and Son's Doughnuts", where they sold donuts to happy customers and as a side business, performed circumcisions. Their dedication to goodness was tested when Dusty Marlow came in and tried to shake down their store for free donuts, so Frank and Jerry had to reprise their villainy in a way to combat another villain. What they did is used the hadron collider to create a mollecularly-unstable donut to trick Dusty into eating, causing him to become atomically destroyed.

The aftermath of Thester's life was explored in "Showdown at the O-bese Corral". After losing his job with The Legion of Dooooom, Thester realized that he had no purpose in life and was just fat and foolish. Out of misery, Thester ate his feelings and became obese. He started going to Weight Watchers to try and drop a few lbs. With no guidance, Thester ended up joining Dusty's cult, donated all his life savings to him, offered his body for sex, and killed people in his name, now having joined a whole new evil team altogether.

Edna Dorsaldigits went back to her job as a church organist, as seen in "PARAD-ISIS", when she played for the wedding of Kevin and Gina.



  • They are an obvious rip-off of The Legion of Doom, but as mentioned by Thester, their name is spelled with five "O"s, so they can't get a copyright.
  • Their headquarters is located on 143 Governale Street.
  • Every stagnant member of The Legion of Dooooom is a supporter of the #MeToo movement.
    • Despite this, such members as Fitz, Thester, Edna, Pat, and Mother Dolphin have a history sexually harassing their co-workers and, in Thester's case, family members.



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