Despero is the beginning! Despero is the end! Despero is all!
~ The Legion of the Third Eye's mantra (while under the corruptible influence of Lord Despero).
A new order to the universe is coming, one that will be written in fire, and with the blood of all who opposed me.
~ Lord Despero, leader of the Legion of the Third Eye.
All hail Despero. Despero is the beginning! Despero is the end! Despero is all!
~ All of the disciples of the Legion of the Third Eye hailing their accursed leader Lord Despero.

The Legion of the Third Eye is a fanatical utopian cult from the planet Kalanor and they followed the will of their leader known as Lord Despero. They are the supporting major antagonistic faction in the 2-part episode "Hearts and Minds" of the Justice League animated TV series.


Despero formed this theocratic cult long ago after he received his "revelation" from the Flame of Py'tar about his third eye and shown its power to the people of Kalanor. He told them that the planet was once a paradise eons ago, and it shall be again with the Legion spreading its light across the cosmos. During the early days of the cult's formation on Kalanor, he even made reading outlawed and declared it forbidden (for possible reasons including the fear of rebellion).

Despero gave the Legion troops access to the Flame of Py'tar, which enhanced their abilities and made them practically unstoppable. He then send them out into conquering the entire galaxy.

The Legion's chief deity, the Py'tar appeared using the body of the Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz, speaking to all low-ranking and high-ranking members of the Legion including the high priest Krisblack and told them to reject Despero's ways of madness. After the Py'tar reverted to its original arboreal form, the Legion soldiers still imbued with the Flame turned to trees and fall into nearby planets and their leader Despero was swallowed by a great plant and plunged into the depths of the planet as he was absorbed by Py'tar. All former members of the Legion of the Third Eye are now working together with the Kalanorian Resistance to preserve the harmony and beauty of their homeworld.


  • Despero (also called Lord Despero) - Founder and leader of the Legion of the Third Eye.
  • Franzee (Lieutenant Franzee) - Lieutinant of the soldiers of the Legion of the Third Eye.
  • Krisblack - Despero's right-hand high priest of the Legion of the Third Eye.
  • Radocko - member of the Kalanorian resistance movement and Despero's spy.



  • The Legion of the Third Eye's symbolic namesake sigil which represents the third eye on Despero's forehead, is loosely based on the controversial Eye of Providence symbol. This logo is also shared by a massive group of monsters called the Gobligan Empire from the Mahou Daisakusen videogame series with their upside-down pyramidal insignia.
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