Legretta (real name: Giselle Oslo) is one of the Six-God Generals and a major antagonist in the video game, Tales of the Abyss and its anime adaptation.

She was voiced by Mika Ito in the Japanese version, and Cindy Robinson in the English dubbed version.


Legretta was once Tear's harsh instructor, whom she admired. Her older brother died even though he admired Van. After seeing that Van knew about rejecting the score, he promoted her as his personal aide. Her original name was Giselle, but eventually changed her name to Legretta.

Tales of the Abyss

Legretta secretly fell in love with Van, devoting herself to his ambitions. She was seen with Arietta outside a battleship demanding that Luke and the others would not move. When she was about to use her gun, Guy fell onto her. At the end of Deo Pass, she is fought for the first time. Legretta often hesitated to fight Tear, but became more angry and aggressive as the story progressed. After the first fight, she called Luke a "reject".

Later, she lead a massacre in Sheridan, attacking and/or killing the civilians just to stop the group from getting to the core. Legretta was fought for the second time at Mt. Roneal alongside with Largo and Arietta, only to be swallowed up by an avalance. Though, they survived due to being rescued by Arietta's monsters. Throughout the story, she kept trying to convert Tear, but she often refused to plea. In Eldrant, she fights the group one last time, but was defeated. She dies after confessing her feelings for Van and his vision to Tear.

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