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Leif and Jessica are minor villains from Hellsing.

They are newly turned vampires, comparatively weak (still more powerful than average humans, however), cannot transform, and not even being able to fight without bullets.

For over a week they pillaged four homes and claimed lives of four families, afterward scrawling profane and desecrating words with the blood of the victims on the walls of their homes. Their victims had been bitten and the bodies had to be quickly disposed before dead victims turn ravenous zombie-like beings called Ghouls. They believe that after nine more killings (4 kills they had and 9 more to go = 13. It is not known if the number holds any significant meaning), they will become invincible and everlasting. However, Hellsing soon hears about their ventures and sends Alucard and Seras to kill them both. Alucard is perturbed that these lowlifes would stoop this low, and easily kills Leif; Seras, realizing her powers as a vampire, is able to shoot Jessica through the heart at long range, without the aid of a telescopic sight.

After the end of the vampiric couple's blood murder spree, Hellsing's leader Integra Hellsing raises great deal of suspicion that there had been too many, too frequent incidents regarding vampires. Then she speculates that something, or someone, is mass producing vampires. Eventually Hellsing discovers that a chip that turns human into vampires are embedded in deceased vampires' bodies, indicating that these vampires are not genuine like Seras or Alucard, but artificial beings. People who die of bite from these artificial vampires become Ghouls, virgin or not. (only those who lost their virginity turn Ghouls when bitten by genuine vampires)



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