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While we pride ourselves primarily on our high quality toys and excellent childcare. We also pride ourselves on our security. For example, this facility is full of hidden motion triggers which, once set off, will turn on the factory´s emergency alarms and directly contact the authorities!. And that´s one of the more tame aspects of our security system. No spoilers...
~ Lieth Pierre in Green VHS Tape

Leith Pierre is a posthumous antagonist in the 2021 indie horror game Poppy Playtime. He is a neglectful executive of Playtime CO. who chose to ignore the violent rampaging experiments.




Leith Pierre is shown to be a man who's very prideful in his work. He is also shown to be secretive, likely being aware of the misdoings of his company or even supporting it. He seems more concerned about the company's success than the safety of the workers. He is arrogant about his position and is not above mocking or threatening to fire his employees. He is also jumpy, which causes him to be repeatedly scared by workers of the factory.


  • Leith is believed to be the person who created the GrabPack.


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