Lemmy Over Trash is a one-shot antagonist from the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in the episode "Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker".


Lemmy is a green-skinned man who lives in the sewers alongside rats which he treats as pets, and a criminal known for littering the streets with trash. The police calls in Woody (a secret agent in this episode) to capture Lemmy, who listens to the news in the radio. Woody tracks down Lemmy and pursues him through the streets, but Lemmy escapes to the rooftops. Lemmy is cornered on a building but drops an anvil to hit Woody, but as he climbs the building down the anvil ends hitting Lemmy himself. After escaping from Woody again he goes back to the sewers and picks up a gun to shoot him, but Woody shields himself with a sewer lid and hits Lemmy with it, capturing him. Ironically, Woody himself is also sent to jail later for throwing trash on the street, ending on the same cell as Lemmy.


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