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The Lemonade Stand Gang is a group of antagonists from the show Dan Vs. and are the main titular antagonists in the episode of the same name. They are a ruthless group of children who run a Lemonade Stand under the leadership of Timmy. They take on Dan and Chris in the episode of the same name as the delinquent gang themselves.


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The thuggish gang of grade-schoolers consists of three boys and one girl:

Timmy - The mastermind and money-hungry leader. Timmy has spiky brown hair, and six freckles over his cheeks. He wears a two-toned green long sleeve shirt with a large number one on it, brown shorts, and dark blue sneakers. He is the most vocal of the group, often echoed (and annoyed by) Moose.

Moose - A seemingly insecure boy who looks up to Timmy. He appears to act as the intimidation for the group (even though Timmy thinks he's not very good at it). Moose is a pudgy child with short blonde hair, buck teeth, a light blue t-shirt with a hamburger picture on it, blue shorts and purple sneakers.

"Large" Harold - The biggest of the children, who takes pride in his job as the muscle and brute force of the gang. Harold sports an incredibly short crew-cut, uni brow, and gaped teeth, along with a too small t-shirt with a teddy bear picture, blue shorts, and red sneakers.

Dolores - A bespectacled young girl who seems to act as a look-out and, when deemed necessary, the face of sympathy due to her feeble looking appearance. When in reality she is just as brutal and relentless as the others. She has brown hair in two side ponytails fashioned with red bobbles, large round glasses, and braces. She wears a hot pink t-shirt with an image of a yellow animal head (a rabbit or a bear), a tutu skirt, knee-high socks, and shiny purple flats.


  • Timmy's mother exclaimed how she was unaware of how his Lemonade stand made a $1,000 profit each week.
    • She later declared it would all go to charity, much to Timmy's dismay.
  • Dolores' father appears to be the clerk from Wally's Emporium of Hardware and Explosives, from the Burgerfile episode.
  • Both Moose and Harold bear a striking resemblance to their fathers, respectively.
    • Though Harold is much larger than both his parents.
  • When the children are being taken away, each can be heard saying "I was set up!" and "I regret nothing!"
  • According to Elise, all four children had gotten sent off to Military school. Even though she strongly suggested Reform school.
    • Chris fears they will come back even more dangerous than before. but however, they do not make any more appearances.
  • Each child has an image on their shirt: Timmy's number one, Mooses' burger, Harold's bear, and Dolores' animal.
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