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Lena Luthor is a major character in the CW series Supergirl. She was originally a supporting character, but after she found out that Kara Danvers had being lying to her about her identity as Supergirl, she becomes a major antagonist in Season 5. However, Lena redeems herself by the end of the season and amended their friendship.

Lena is the paternal estranged half-sister of Lex Luthor, daughter of Lionel Luthor, and the estranged adoptive daughter of Lillian Luthor. She is also the ex-girlfriend of the late Jack Spheer and James Olsen, and the best friend turned (former) enemy of Kara Danvers.

She is portrayed by Katie McGrath, and was also portrayed by Camille Marty and Samantha Davis and Lucy Loken when she was young.

Villainous Acts

  • Even when she was a hero, Lena did some morally questionable acts, such as:
    • She said nothing when she knew that Lex broke out of prison.
    • She kept Samantha Aries in her lab, knowing she was also Reign.
    • She experimented using Harun-El on humans that led to the death of a volunteer. She even wanted to share her research to the government, which would without a doubt cause chaos.
  • Broke into her brother, Lex's hideout and killed him. Although he deserved it and it was for the safety of the world, it was still fratricide.
  • After finding out that Kara is Supergirl, she planed to expose her identity to the world to make her feel the pain she felt over her betrayal, only backing off at the last second when Kara tells her the truth and decides to use her powers for her own needs.
  • She had her A.I. Hope take over Eve Teschmacher's body after detaining her to use her as a lab assistant.
  • She manipulated Kara into stealing Lex's journals with his research on mind control from the government so she can understand Q-waves for Project Non Nocere.
  • She sends Malefic J'onzz to her laboratory by modifying Brainy's Phantom Zone Projector, she forges an alliance with him by promising him that she would help to get revenge on his brother if he helped her with her research. However, she later goes back on their deal and brainwashes him instead.
  • She threatened Russell Rogers' life by getting him to commit suicide in order to get the medallion from her former friend Andrea Rojas, after she helped her break into the D.E.O. to get him.
    • This causes Leviathan to take action to get the medallion back, leading to Rama Khan's attacks.
  • When she accompanies Supergirl to the Fortress of Solitude to find a weapon that can stop him, she steals Myriad, a mind controlling device that could brainwash the entire world population.
  • When she finds out about her true nature, she confessed to murdering her own brother (although to protect her friends and the world) and then she turned the Fortress' defense system against her and trapped her in kryptonite ice.
  • She attempted to dose the entire Earth with her Q-waves to force her will upon the world, essentially achieving world domination.
    • Given that Myriad can kill people if set to its highest frequency and implied by Alex Danvers' words about how Lena is threatening the world's safety, it possible that she might have caused the genocide of the human race had not the D.E.O. stopped her.
  • When the police arrived in her laboratory to arrest her, she had Hope as Eve take the fall for her actions.
  • On Earth-Prime, after the Anti-Monitor Crisis, she retains her memories due to Lex's deal with the Monitor and her grudge against Supergirl. When choosing to either partner with Supergirl or Lex, she ultimately chooses the latter.
  • She tries to manipulate Andrea into handing over her computers lenses for her project under the guise of friendship, eventually going so far as to sabotage her.
  • In an alternate timeline, she kills her brother Lex for injuring her due to with his assassination attempt on her life and destroys most of National City, and then rules the rest of it as a tyrant.
    • She also tries to kill Supergirl with her kryptonite heart, would have succeed had not Mr. Mxyzpltk found his hat.
  • She trespasses into the Fortress of Solitude and upon finding Supergirl using Myriad (something she is forbidden from) to locate missing people, she calls her out for her hypocrisy when she said it was forbidden for anyone to use, despite the fact she lied to her previously just to get it. This act highlights her selfishness and egotism.
  • When Project Non Nocere fails, she indirectly causes a prison riot.


When she was "betrayed" by Kara Danvers, Lena went down a dark path like her family and became an embittered, vengeful, resentful, cynical, manipulative, spiteful, and hate-filled misanthrope. She became disillusioned with the human race due to their corrupted and cruel nature and vowed to "fix" them and get revenge on those who wrong her.

Lena would also show signs of mental instablity, due the emotional pain she felt over being lied and betrayed by her closest friends. She became incredibly delusional, as she geniunely believes she is doing the right thing and she is "helping" others, even though she is "saving" them by brainwashing them.

Like her brother, Lena had been consumed by her ego. Due to her victim's mentally, she would always view herself as the victim and her former friends as tratiors and villains. She wants to get revenge on Kara for "betraying" her, when in reality she simply lied to her so she can protect her. She was also willing to commit heinous acts to other people and even brainwash the entire planet with Q-waves to force peace onto the world just because she saw that humanity was corrupt due to her trauma of her best friend "deceiving" her. After the Anti-Monitor Crisis, she still retains her memories and her grudge against Supergirl and Lex, although she decided to partner up with the latter. Her selfishness is shown when when she finds out that Supergirl is using Myriad (something she is forbidden from) to locate missing people, she assumed she was trying to interrupt her experments on prisoners, so she goes to the Fortress and denounces her on her hypocrisy when she told her that it was too dangerous for anyone to use.

Mostly, Lena had become a hypocrite, who despite thinking that the human race is driven by emotions, she herself had been blinded by her feelings. She constantly denies that she is evil, even when her actions obviously prove otherwise. She has no problem lying and manipulating others, threatening a person's life and even rainwashing all of humanity as a whole. Even when Kara tells Lena that she alone is held accountable for her actions and threaten to treat her like a villain if she didn't stop working with Lex, she dismissed it as Supergirl and her friends not understanding her goal. Lena has proven that in spite of her damaged view on reality, she still know what is right and wrong as she blames Supergirl for all her actions and calls her out for lying to her, despite herself lying to Kara. Ultimately, she became no better than her family members (especially her half-brother) or the people who "betrayed" her.

However, Lena still retains her morality and kind nature. She is against killing people (even if they hurt her) or hurting him, as she didn't want Malefic to get revenge on his brother and even stopped cannons from launching kryptonite at Supergirl. Lena truly wanted to bring peace on the world and help people, and the only reason she trying to mind control the planet was so that they can always be kind. She cares for Hope and didn't want her to sacrifice herself for her plans, but she did allow her to take the fall for her crimes, showing a bit of cowardice. Lena can also put aside her grudges for the greater good, as she even helped out the heroes save countless live during the Crisis and gave her condolences on Kara's adoptive father's death.

Ultimately, she redeemed herself after Lex was manipulating her and that he was working with Leviathan. She felt guilty for what she did to her friends and she did became a villain despite her good intentions. She then made amends with Kara and helped the Superfriends take down Leviathan once and for all. Lena finally realized that Supergirl and her friends only lied to her for her own protection and rekindled their friendship.


  • At the start of Season 2 of Supergirl, Lena is 23 years old, making her physically 3 years younger than Kara Danvers.
  • Lena owns a National City University sweatshirt, indicating she may have attended the school at some point.
  • Lena mentioned she hates flying, despite having a pilot's license.
  • Lena takes her coffee black.
  • She hates salmon.
  • She is fond of scotch, but dislikes tequila.
  • Lena loves Big Belly Burger.
  • Lena dislikes fliers and leaflets, proclaiming them to be "a waste of trees and of our time".
  • Her favorite movie is Titanic.
  • It's heavily implied Lena's middle name, Kieran, was her surname before being adopted by the Luthors.
  • Lena is implied to be of Irish descent like her actress, Katie McGrath.
  • Lena, Alex Danvers, Maxwell lord, Lillian Luthor, and Eve Teschmacher are the only humans able to successfully synthesize Kryptonite.
    • However, Alex can only create Blue Kryptonite, Max can only create Red Kryptonite, Lillian can only create Green Kryptonite, Lena can create Green Kryptonite and Harun-El, and Eve can only create Harun-El.

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