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We're going to use you. To set the world on fire. When the (TrollTrace) servers go online, there will be panic, chaos, and war. And from the ashes a new world will rise — A world where everyone is happy and a-singing and has no secrets. Like Denmark!
~ Lennart explains his and TrollTrace's plans to the trolls
Hmm hmm. Go on and hide in your cave, little troll. Soon, everyone will know where you live.
~ Lennart look at USA highlighted Colorado state.
Focus everything on that area. It's time to see what these puppies can do.
~ Lennart started his program at Fort Collins.

Lennart Bedrager is the main antagonist of South Park Season 20. He is the founder and CEO of He initially appears to be a Danish Anti-Troll activist, but he is eventually revealed to be a troll himself, and a much worse troll than SkankHunt42 and the others.

He was voiced by Trey Parker.


He conducted a funeral for Freja Ollegard after she committed suicide a large community. In her eulogy, Bedrager vows to destroy the troll responsible for her death.

Bedrager later holds another vigil for Freja Ollegard with several other Danes. Like in the previous vigil, he vows to "deal with them again."

Dildo Shwaggins later shows SkankHunt42 a BBC News video of an interview of Bedrager, where he announces his new internet service, He talks about how the service can analyze a troll's online comments and return the troll's name, address, picture, and internet history. When the BBC reporter asks him about others using the service to spy on non-trolls, he states that the service will be used on trolls only.

Bedrager later advertises a crowdfunding campaign to acquire the funds he needs to complete his new internet service. However, in response to his plan, the trolls begin planning a massive troll to prevent the service from being completed. The trolls launch a successful troll of Denmark, causing the country's popularity to sink and for them to stop being funded. As a result of the troll, Bedrager takes TrollTrace offline from social media. However, Cartman and Heidi offer their assistance, providing Lennart with the final factor he needs to complete their program, the emoji analysis.

With now complete and fully online, Lennart has it target Fort Collins, Colorado, causing mass hysteria and panic.

To prevent from going online, Hillary Clinton and the US Government make a deal with TrollTrace and Lennart, givng them SkankHunt42 and his associates in exchange for not leaking their Internet history. However, Lennart had no intention of holding up his end of the deal and went forward with anyway.

SkantHunt later requests to speak with Lennart privately. In their meeting, Lennart reveals to SkankHunt that his true goal is to simply start World War III for the fun of it, and that he isn't even Danish. He then locks both the Danish and the Trolls in a room and rick-rolls them before preparing to go through with his plan.

He later leaves Denmark via his helicopter but turns back around when he sees Gerald on security footage disabling the servers. He soon confronts Gerald one on one in front of the final switch keeping the website online. Lennart berates Gerald for thinking he's any better than him, telling him that they are essentially the same. Gerald then seemingly gives in to Lennart, but instead kicks him in to groin and knocks him off the balcony, sending Lennart falling to his death.


Lennart Bedrager comes across as a somber, humorless, crestfallen, and sorrowful individual. He shows no concern for the lives and freedoms he endangers so long as his idea of justice is upheld.

In truth, Lennart is actually an American who wants to troll the entire world into a third World War just for fun. He is even more cruel than Gerald, in that he tries to get people killed.


Do you remember Mr. Skankhunt, when you and your little buddies trolled the entire country of Denmark? (Gerald: And that was wrong, too. I certainly want to apologize for that.) That was certainly a display of the power of trolling, wasn't it? But, what would be even the more impressive? (Gerald: I don't understand.) What if you could troll the world? Somebody who could rise to political power, through nothing more than pushing people's buttons and getting them all riled up, become the leader of a Scandinavian country perhaps, get them to listen to you when actually, your not even f****** Danish. (Gerald: No way.) Use that country to create a machine that relies on the s********* of people, to f*** over other people, and watch the whole world go completely bats***! (walks over to his desk and turns on the intercom) Attention all Troll Tracer workers, please report to Assembly one for a big announcement. (turns off the intercom to continue his conversation with Gerald) Completely fool everyone, and keep your own intensions completely anonymous! (Gerald: You would... deliberately start World War III? Let the people of Denmark die? Set everyone on Earth against each other?! Why?!) Because, it's freaking hilarious!
~ Lennart revealing his true plan of throwing the whole world in chaos to Gerald.



  • Lennart Bedrager is voiced by Trey Parker, who also provides a number of other voices for the cartoon.
  • "Bedrager" means "deceiver" or "fraud" in Danish and other Scandinavian languages. This may be a hint to his true intentions.



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