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Leo Akaba, also known as The Professor, is the main antagonist in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. He is the husband of Henrietta Akaba, the father of Ray and Declan and the adopted father of Riley. He was a member of the Original Dimension, masterminding of the Duel Academy attacks by the Xyz Dimension who initiative devised in the Arc Project and Revival Zero had designed to returns home and to see his daughter, Ray.

He was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese and Billy Bob Thompson in English.


Leo is the tall man has a brown skin middle-head bald and blue eyes. He has a purple militaristic outfit on his black buttons with the outfit of Vellian Crowler, the purple cape has the black ending and gray boots. He wears a black belt has the red line who has cover by the end on his front, which has appears on his left red circular strings on the chest, he also wears a black gloves. Leo was noticeable are traits who had armored plate by his side on the head that will be circular lens to proved on his blood vessels at the head.

As a young, he has the full head with gray hair, he wears a blue shirt and dark gray pants. On the Duel Monsters experiments, he wears a lab coats. Even the members of the Akaba family, he was the spade, although from his spade-shaped collar coat and Spirit Deck.


Leo was an benevolent and inventive was traveling from the Fusion Dimension, expect using the ARC to desire System by considering and dueling Yusho had the friend. However he regaining seems case a heartless to abandon at his family and home, he was sent his back to Paradise City, lacking at the empathy from the people where came steal into cards. He was believing justified, he doesn't punished by his soldiers from the fail at contest who former his subordinate Jean-Michel Roger.

Leo has a strong hatred for Z-ARC, whom abused his hologram technology and became a monster that nearly destroyed the world; forcing him to create the Natural Energy cards that broke the dimensions (and unintentionally both Z-ARC and Ray) apart. Despite this, Leo wasn't pragmatic enough about dealing with Yuri - Z-ARC's Fusion Dimension fragment; he could have killed him, forever ensuring that Z-ARC couldn't fully revive, but instead chose to make Yuri his enforcer. Instead, Leo channeled his hatred towards Yuya, whom had absorbed Yuto by accident.

Leo loved his daughter very much, but was ignorant of her will. He hoped to revive her by effectively killing her fragments and forcibly merging them back into Ray; completely uncaring that they had their own lives and loved ones. After his failure, Leo fell into a depression; ultimately realizing he had wasted years of his life trying to bring back someone who didn't wish to revive (costing six other lives in the process as Yuya and Zuzu had absorbed their fragments).


  • While seen as the main antagonist throughout the series (with the revelation about Z-ARC making him pale in comparison), Leo ultimately is more a misguided altruist.


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