Leon Abbot born N'Zall, is the main antagonist of the novel Artemis Fowl:The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer. He is a bloodthirsty demon who rules the demon island of Hybras.


Early life

10,000 years ago, when the fairies lost the war against the humans, most fairies chose to go underground, but the demon warlocks chose to take the Island of Hybras out of time. N'Zall and his friend, Bludwin, wanted to keep fighting the humans and attacked the warlocks. Bludwin fell into the volcano, messing up the spell, and N'zall combined with Qweffor, which allowed N'Zall to steal his magic. 

N'Zall ended up in the present, in the Paradizo Villa. He was impaled on a silver spear so was trapped there. He tried to kill the humans, and they imprisoned and studied him. However, he took a bow and a novel called Lady Heatherington Smythe's Hedgerow and took out the silver, returning to Hybras.

He took over Hybras, claiming to have gained secrets from the humans, He changed his name to a character from the book, Leon Abbot, and insisted every demon do the same. He manipulated them by telling them he was preparing them for war against the humans, although he really knew that the demons didn't stand a chance.

The Present

Leon taught a class of imps, comtaining N°1, and challenged N°1 to stab his armored skin. N°1 almost succeeded, but Abbot secretly healed himself using magic, He then used the mesmer to make N°1 jump into the volcano.

Later, Abbot planned to dissolve the Demon Council and make himself the king of Hybras. However, Artemis, N°1, Qwan, and Holly and ended up in Hybras, with a bomb. Abbot led the demons to kill them, while the heroes tried to save Hybras by bringing it back to the present, In the fight, Abbot stabbed Holly, but Artemis took advantage of the fluctuating time in Hybras, and stopped the stabbing by shooting Abbot before it happened. 

While unconscious, Qweffor was able to emerge and helped the heroes move the Island of Hybras to the present, While in the present, Abbot tried to take over Qweffor's body and kill N°1. However, N°1 used his newfound power to push Abbot's consciousness back. Later, Abbot's mid was transferred to a guinea pig.


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