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Leon Elliott is a little boy and the youngest of the Apostles of the Star, serving as an anti-villain in the manga Black Cat and its anime adaptation. Leon's tragic past and motivations remain unknown for most of the story. He ultimately reforms after being defeated by Eve, one of the main protagonists, during the final battle.

He is voiced by Junko Minagawa in the Japanese Version and Aaron Dismuke in English Version.


Leon Elliott's country is never named, but has been plagued by civil war since long before he was born.

His parents were killed by the military when he was four years old, so he grew up raised and protected by his older sister. Unfortunately, she was caught in a gunfight and killed three years before the start of the story.

Leon's flashback.

Leon was left on his own in a city reduced to ruins, alone and without food, with tattered rags for clothes and little to nothing else, in doubtless awful conditions.

Following his statement of having to do anything to stay alive and the picture seen when he describes his past, it can be guessed that he had to fight and probably to kill, given the knife he is seen holding. At some point, he was found by the Apostles of the Star, who awoke his power of Tao.


In reality, this world does not take kindly to people who are kind.
~ Leon Elliott

Despite being just thirteen years old, Leon is a hardened fighter. He comes across as aloof, indifferent, easily bored and ruthless, seemingly only enjoying himself in battle and killing people with disquieting glee.

He does retains childish traits, being cocky, showing off, and judging girls weaker. He hates adults and being underestimated because of his age, ironically reacting to teasing with puerile anger. He respects the other Apostles, nonetheless, addressing them formally. He seems close to Charden, who is the only one he is casual with.

In truth, Leon's hardships made him horribly cynical, jaded and bitter. He dismisses kindness as a delusion that only makes people die quicker, having seen so many selfless people die pointlessly. He despises how the world is led and lashes out at anyone he holds responsible. He follows the Apostles of the Star's revolution for a "better" world, hoping to put an end to all conflicts.

Following his defeat against Eve, Leon muses his disbelief of her selfless values, yet wishes to be proven wrong, though he has trouble admitting it. Eve describes him as "lost in darkness and waiting to be saved". He remains haughty, but is genuinely touched by her gentle words, and later starts helping people as she advised him.

Powers and Abilities

Even if I am just a kid, adults without powers cannot stand against me.
~ Leon Elliott

Leon's power of Tao is called Air. He can infuse his ki in the air to control it up to twenty-five meters around him. He can change its consistency, or remove all trace of air in a given area, suffocating everyone there to death.

Furthermore, Leon can create updrafts and winds currents of variable intensity to make things or people float and remotely move them as he pleases. He mostly uses it to make his Sky Board (a kind of snowboard) float when he rides it, enabling him to fly like a bird, or to bring it back to him. He flies with exceptional proficiency, being able to move at high speed and to perform very acrobatic movements with little trouble.

Leon is a highly skilled warrior, doubtless as able to dodge bullets as his comrades. He attacks with violent gusts of wind; either normal gusts enough to blast a well-built man away or even more powerful whirling ones. He can surround himself with a defensive layer of solid air, and create and maintain a sphere of whirling wind or a tornado of variable size around him, primarily for defence, but also for offence if he makes them big and violent enough.

He can create blades of whirling wind around his hand to deliver slicing blows and piercing strikes at close range. Leon's signature move is called Aero Slash: a large and curved blade of pressurized air, of variable size and might. The weaker are seen cutting clean through trees like nothing, and the mightier are even seen parting a large body of water. He can launch many of them, either in very fast succession or all at once.

When he unleashes his most powerful attack, Death Twister, he surrounds himself with a rocket-shaped tornado and launches himself at his enemy at high speed, causing a devastating blast of pure pressure that leaves huge craters even in stone. Dodging it is useless, since he can chase his target everywhere. At full might, this attack is as huge and devastating as regular tornado and creates enough air pressure to cause lightning.

Leon can also use ki to increase his physical prowesses and to locate people, but he is never seen doing so.

Role In the manga

Leon first appears during the Apostles of the Star's attack on the World Conference, where he kills several soldiers by suffocating them. Weeks later, he is dragged in a market by Kyoko, because he looked bored, but it hardly interests him either. Later, he witnesses Durham's execution without showing any emotion.

Later, Maro, Charden and Leon greet the Chrono Numbers V, VII and XI who are storming Creed's castle. Leon attacks Number VII Jenos Hazard (who called him a "shrimp"), but Jenos destroys pillars to create a cloud of dust, in order to escape, even before Leon can blow the dust away with wind. Leon then witness Charden's and Kyoko's desertion without opposing it, and reports it to the Apostles as they escape the self-destructing castle.

When the Sweepers League (a group of powerful bounty-hunters which includes the three main protagonists) invades the Apostles' main hideout in Clarken Island, Shiki orders Leon to kill Eve. Leon finds her wandering the island alongside the bounty hunter Kevin McDougall, whom he effortlessly defeats with a gust of wind.

He engages a fight against Eve, who proves more than a match for him, much to his anger. (Eve later confesses that she used her power to its maximum, to infuriate him and make him focus on attacking again and again instead of using simpler and deadlier techniques.) He flies away to attack at long range, but Eve can fly as well.

He decides to concentrate all his ki in a gigantic Death Twister attack. Eve faces him turning her entire body into steel and manages to absorb the biggest part of the blast, leaving Leon exhausted and defeated. Leon then agrees to leave the Apostles of the Star, as he promised during the battle, and Eve makes him realize that the Apostles' "revolution" was nothing but pointless slaughters, and that he would do better helping people rather than kill.

Leon saves both Train and Creed

During the last parts of the story, Leon has recovered enough strength to fly on his sky-board, and he is seen witnessing Eve's and Sven's battles against the Phantom Star Brigade, voicing his disgust at the fact that the one who defeated him could have trouble defeating "lousy cyborgs".

He later witnesses the final battle between Train Heartnet and Creed Diskenth. As Creed and Train are about to fall from the mansion's roof, Leon rescues them with his wind power, expressing his awe at Creed's defeat.

Leon, walking alongside Eathes (human shape).

At the end of the manga, Leon is seen walking in the streets alongside Eathes. In a special chapter, it is revealed that Leon and Eve kept in touch and that he helped her to get her Sweeper license.

Role In the Anime

Leon (as seen in the anime).

In the Anime, Leon's story is completely different. He is one of the oldest members and the de facto leader of a gang of orphans, who live in a dilapidate building and are harrassed by local thugs.

It is worth nothing to note than Tim Vertical, another 13-year-old child who appears in a completely different part of the manga, is also a member of this gang and seems to be Leon's best friend and rival. Charden eventually approaches Leon, makes him drink Shinkito and recruits him into the Apostles of the Star.

Leon takes part in the attack of the World Conference and the showdown at the old castle, but he is knocked out when Number VII Jenos Hazard make rubbles fall from the roof to cover their escape. Eve finds him unconscious and takes him out of the ruins, but she leaves before he awakes and he returns to the Apostles' lair.

Later, when Train and Eve meet Leon's orphan friends, Eve recognizes him on a picture and the orphans ask her to tell Leon that they miss him. Eve meets Leon again on Clarken Island and the two engage a battle, during which Eve tries to convince him of who are his real friends. When defeated, Leon agrees to return home, which he does after Creed's defeat. While Tim at first furiously berates him for abandoning them, while throwing rocks he effortlessly deflects with wind, his lack of retaliation and silent apology push them to accept him back.

During the (anime exclusive) Eden Arc, Leon's town is the first town attacked by the Zero Numbers. Leon and his gang manage to escape, but Tim gets trapped in the rain of nanomachines and his consciousness is absorbed into Eden. Leon and the orphan gang run after Eden and catch up with Train, the Sweepers League, the remaining Chrono Numbers and the other reformed Apostles of the Star.

Later, Leon rushes back to town to get the fireworks that the protagonists need to attract Eden and invade it. He uses a shield of whirling wind to protect himself from the nanomachines, but he is attacked by countless monsters from Eden. The continuous use of his shield and the permanent fight against hordes of monsters exhausts him, and he passes out right after completing his mission.

During the final battle, Leon and his friends are taken in the chopper from which Doctor Tearyu is monitoring the attack. He later wakes up and proceeds to protect the chopper, destroying all the monsters attacking it.

After the defeat of the Zero Numbers, Leon and his friends are seen working in a bakery they opened by themselves.


  • His Japanese voice actor, Junko Minagawa also voices Oz from Pandora Hearts.


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