Leon von Schroeder

Leon von Schroeder (or Leon Wilson) is the secondary antagonist of season 5 of Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is also the henchmen of his older brother Zigfried von Schroeder.

He was also a finalist for Kaiba tournament, he was on a fake name like his brother, he was know has "Leon Wilson", he seem to be a really good finalist in tournament and win all of his duel. he beat some finalists from the tournament as Doctor Goat, he also defeated a other duelist named Ethan Shark, because like his first duel his brother use a haunted house attack to make him win.

He is a fan of fairy tales all his deck his made of it, he also beat and defeat Rebecca Hawkins with his monsters, after this when his brother was battling with Kaiba he then expose his brother fake name has Zigfried von Schroeder and was proclaimed champion by Kaiba. So, after he was chosen to fight against Yugi, his brother see the opportunity to finally take over Kaiba corp and give him one of his card who will make him win, as his match against Yugi was about to begin, Kaiba see that his name was not Wilson neither, that where Zigfried reveal his brother real name.

Yugi sees that Leon has some good in him, Leon tells him why he does that to have the respect of his family, he entered a tournament on a fake name, but after Yugi convinced him to come back to his sense, he didn't want to help his brother anymore after he put the virus, but Yugi managed to defeat it and Leon finally convinced his brother that they don't need to be evil to get what they want.


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