I am Napoleon, your emperor. You'd be wise to kneel, boy!
~ Leonard Bonar, introducing himself as Napoleon
There is a power in this world which clearly defies your pitiful imagination mon ami!
~ Leonard Bonar to Raphael.

Leonard Bonar, also known as Napoleon, is the main antagonist of the game Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. He acts as Napoleon Bonaparte and works together with Jean-François to take over Paris and the Earth.


Bonar claimed to be the greatest admirer of Napoleon, even willing to die for his rulership. He tried to dress up as Napoleon, however wearing a helmet and a beard he differed much from the real Napoleon's appearance.



Little is known about Bonar's past, however it is established that he is a great admirer of Napoleon, which is why he joined Jean-François to take the real Napoleon's place as the leader of the "Chevaliers Diabolique".

The Emperor's Treasure

Claiming to be Napoleon Bonaparte, Bonar tried to raise the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to conquer the world for the real Napoleon, who would be revived from the Dead. At first he met the protagononist Phantom R at a bridge in Paris, where he chased after Marie.

After an encounter with him and Isaac beneath Les Invalides, he kidnapped Marie and met Phantom R at the Eiffel Tower, where he would get the Dragon Crown in return for her. He could escape, but with the help of Jean-François he still got the Dragon Crown.

By forcing Marie to play the piece "Moon Princess" on her violin, Bonar took control over the Gardens, gaining the power to use the weather as a weapon against Paris.

However, after attacking the city with lightning, he was stopped by Phantom R in a sword fight and jumped to his death when the Gardens collapsed.

Powers and Abilities

Leonard Bonar was a very skilled sword fighter and a talented orator, however he speaks with very strong french accent. He also knows how to use guns. The Hanging Gardens allowed him to use the weather as a weapon, giving him control over wind, lightning and snow.


The times, they change, but people? Never. Always the ignorant cretins getting in the way of greatness!
~ Napoleon
An emperor does not negotiate. He gives orders! And takes what's his!
~ Napoleon, demanding the Dragon Crown
Oh ha ha ha! My greatest possession, most powerful of all weapons! The Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Witness the true form of the crown of dragons! Kneel before her glory if you know what's good for you! The world has been too long without an emperor!
~ Napoleon's speech
As it so happens my true name is Leonard Bonar. A mere shadow to the true emperor's light.
~ Bonar, revealing his true identity
Clearing up this mess. Clearing it for him. He will wade through the rubbel of this world and from it construct a new order... We have triumphed, Phantom R!
~ Leonard Bonar's last words


  • His relation to Jean-François can be compared to the one of the real Napoleon and Isaac.
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