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Hear me, people of Valkaheim! I bestow upon you a dream! A dream for all, regardless of rank or position of birth! If you temper yourselves and train hard, you WILL become someone! Cultivate your skill in the art of war! Grow the seeds of your wisdom! Come to understand strategy and do not content yourselves with tranquility! Battle your friends until one of you lies bloody and beaten, then forge new friendships with those who survive! Should you succeed, you will be promoted to any station you choose. But should you fail to become a person of measure, you will have only death to comfort you. This is the one law of Valkaheim, and the dream I bestow upon you as her prince!
~ Leonidas

Leonidas is an antagonist (later protagonist) from the mobile game by Cygames and Nintendo, Dragalia Lost. The firstborn heir of King Aurelius, he is Euden's oldest brother and is the ruler of the City of Flame known as Valkaheim located in the North of Grastaea. Stylizing himself as "The Ruler of the World", Leonidas is a condescending and darwinistic prince who pledged allegiance with Morsayati who possessed Zethia and the Dyrenell Empire and has the intention on ushering a new era for humanity by opening a broader horizons for them so that they could become a lot better in later future. However, he has an extreme way to do so and is also pactbount with a Blazewyrm known as Mars.

In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Tomokazu Seki, who also voices Gilgamesh, Amiba, the Great Leader of Shocker and Rob Lucci. In the English dub, he is voiced by Jonathan Ostonal, who voiced Tobias.


Being the first scion of Aurelius, Leonidas himself is a man with regal posture that befitting him as the ruler of the world and has a long, blonde hair with green irises. He also wears a royal-like white soldier outfit, a purple and red cloak, brown pants and boots and metal gloves. He also wields a sword to impose his own authority towards the citizens.


Being the First scion of King Aurelius, Leonidas can be described as a condescending and arrogant man who looked down upon the weak as this was proven by him intentionally ignoring Euden's pleas because of the latter's lack of accomplishments and feats or forgetting the name of his siblings as he wanted to be the top of the food chain himself. Another instance of his arrogance can be seen as he stylized himself as "The Ruler of the World" and sometimes underestimate his opponents in the battle, calling them no better than swarm of feckless insects.

Leonidas can be also considered as a Social Darwinistic person, believing that the strong human shall rule and improve by themselves and the weak shall be purged. This was proven on his motivational speech as he tried to mold his citizens by ordering them cultivating thier skills to become a better and yet stronger warriors in the future. Leonidas is also a power hungry person and has no hesitations to get his hands dirty even by murdering his own citizens just to get the power that he wants, evidenced by his attempts on retrieving Morsayati's powers while uncaring of the casualties that the process will have so that he could usher the new era of humanity for himself.

Despite his seemingly negative traits, it was soon revealed that Leonidas still has the best interest for humanity itself and genuinely wants to help them to achieve greater success and become a lot stronger creature that reign supreme without being dependent towards the dragons themselves. His darwinistic philosophy has a ring of tragedy to it as it was revealed around Chapter 12, his mother was killed by a tornado created by a dragon which resulted on Leonidas becoming a Social Darwinistic person he is today. In the Dragalia Life comics, it is shown that he is a competent cook as he is able to make a delicious curry and also plans to use it to rule the world.



When he was a little boy, Leonidas's mother was killed in a village ravaged by heavy rains and tornado that was caused by a dragon. As he standing and mourned in front of his mother's grave and giving her a final farewell, Leonidas then strengthen his resolve to make a world where humans reign supreme so that they wouldn't be dependent towards the dragons as according to him, humans had been enslaved by the dragons which causes a false peace. As he grew into adulthood, he then become the ruler of Valkaheim and starts his conquest from there. To achieve his ambition to make a world where humans reign supreme, he needed a help from great power to do so.

Dragalia Lost

Leonidas was mentioned around Chapter 2 by Euden alongside the other siblings of his with the exception of Emile who already made an appearance in Chapter 2. However, he makes his first appearance in the story proper around Chapter 7 when he heard about the rumors regarding Euden building a new empire known as "New Alberia" in which he contemplates that if New Alberia was proven to be a threat for his own city, he and his soldiers has no hesitations to attack them.

However, Leonidas played a major role in Chapter 8 as the heroes attempt to form an alliance with him in order to defeat Morsayati who possessed Zethia and the Dyrenell Empire once and for all. Hearing that the citizens of Valkaheim was terrorized by a certain assassin, who is revealed to be none other than Elisanne's childhood friend, Alex, the heroes then rushed to save the innocent people hiding in the "Forsaken Way", an ancient caverns that sometimes people used as a shortcut to go to Valkeheim.

As the heroes attempted to prevent Alex to kill more innocent people, Leonidas appears and seemingly save Alex from trouble while callously dismisses his own brother due to his lack of accomplishments and reveals himself that he also participate in the purge of the Ilian Church devotees who didn't believe about Morsayati being Ilia's children while also telling Euden that he sided himself with Morsayati who possessed Zethia and the Dyrenell Empire as according to him, Morsayati's powers are not that abhorrent, much to Euden's disappointment.

It was soon revealed that the reason Leonidas came into the Forsaken Way is because Forsaken Way is one of the Binding Ruins that sealed Morsayati's body as he attempted to harness its power while claiming he has no intentions to purge the rest of the church heretics. After he gained Morsayati's power for himself, Leonidas stated that he wanted to use this power to open broader horizons for humanity despite it would cost tens of thousands of lives much to the heroes horror.

And when Euden calls him out of this, Leonidas then tells the heroes that he already made a pact with one of the most powerful dragons, the Blazewyrm known as Mars, who is stated having a power to destroy hundred kingdoms to ash. This resulted on one of Euden's companions, Ranzal had no choice but to kill Leonidas with his own hands until he was stopped by Alex who protected Leonidas. Growing tired of the charade that the heroes had pulled, Leonidas then left the scene and went to the inner chambers of the Forsaken Way.

As the heroes managed to follow Leonidas to the inner chambers of Forsaken Way, Leonidas grew annoyed by it and then summons his own dragon to end the charade. One of the dragons who has known Mars for a while, the flamewyrm Brunhild or better known as Mym, calls out Mars about him stripping his dignity by being pactbound and used by human as experiments. After getting called out, Leonidas simply sees it as a disgraceful way to describe it as he claims that he already fulfilled Mars's wish to become the strongest dragon in the world while pouring his wisdom towards the dragon itself.

After the conversation, he then let his dragon attacks all of the people that were in the radius of the dragon's attacks, while also musing that the Forsaken Way won't be the place where Alex will die as he prepared a final moment for her to die while sneered that he sarcastically promised that will protect her precious church while laughing about it. However, despite Mars's powerful attack, they were saved by Mym herself who had weaken the the flames of Mars which resulted on the heroes and Alex survived albeit with a bit of injury. Despite seemingly betrayed by Leonidas, Alex still has a job to protect him and has no intention to join the heroes side yet despite the heroes persuasions.

Successfully manage to reach the inner sanctum of the Forsaken Way where Morsayati's body is sealed, Leonidas then attempts to perform a ritual in order to unbind Morsayati's body to gain ultimate power. When both Euden and Elisanne attempts to persuade Alex and calls her out of the sins that she had committed, Alex then suddenly become distracted because of her conflicted minds thanks to the persuasion of those two and accidentally attacked Leonidas. 

Seemingly felt saddened with Alex's betrayal, he then gets over it as he already successfully manage to perform the ritual as one of Morsayati's body parts returned to the main body while Leonidas himself already obtained a small portion of Morsayati's powers while trying to master it which makes him a lot more powerful than before with the intention of ushering a new, glorious age with the powers even exceeds the Dyrenell Empire itself.

With his new powers gained from Morsayati's body, he can do other things with his heart desires such as teleportation and summoning a manticore that could defeat the heroes while sneering that the Flow Eternal has been released as well. This resulted on them having no choice but to stop the manticore which would potentially cause more casualties if it got released.

Despite seemingly winning against the heroes and sneering that Euden had sunk into flow eternal and saying that he isn't immortal despite being pacbound with several powerful dragons, he managed to found out that the heroes manage to defeat the manticore which resulted on Leonidas having no choice but to dirty his own hands just to kill the heroes.

Knowing that the heroes are seemingly powerless and won't be able to stand a chance against Leonidas, Alex then orders his new friends to retreat while she attempts to sacrifice herself by attacking Leonidas. However, Elisanne pleads Alex not to do it because she doesn't want to lost her family member again after getting it back and she also don't want to see Alex violating the benevolent teachings of Ilia. Annoyed by this charade, Leonidas attempts to murder them anyway.

Another person who was annoyed by the charade was Mym herself because she wanted to see both Elisanne and Alex live happily and tries her best to protect both them no matter what it takes while claiming that she is able to take on Mars. Seemingly defeated by Mars's attacks, Mym manages to survived the attack due to Elisanne and Alex's power of love and performs a counterattack against both Mars and Leonidas which resulted on them had no choice but to retreat.

Despite being defeated thanks to Mym's counterattack, he warns Euden that the time of revolution is nigh and he and his dragons will be scattered in the winds as when he clings to the former power, he will never walk in the path of conquest. Leonidas then spends the last moments of Chapter 8 by contemplating about how Euden will fail to cause a revolution, as there is only one star that is able to radiate the sky according to him while waiting for Empress Zethia's next move.

In one of the extra parts of Chapter 8, Ranzal then tells his story about his experience at Valkaheim and how even a streetpunk manages to defeat him despite being a seemingly weak person due to his determination to become a great knight. This is due to Leonidas's darwinistic speech that he imposes towards his people that motivated them to become a better person.

Returning again in Chapter 10, he was invited alongside Euden's other siblings by Empress Zethia and Harle to Clave Loy'elune, the largest binding ruin that seals Morsayati's main body. Fighting against the Empress, Leonidas stated that even his powers even couldn't defeat the Empress because his power came from the same source which in turn made Leonidas never underestimating her power.

This resulted on the Empress complimenting Leonidas's ambitions and powers to the point he won't hesitate on violating any taboos which resulted on Leonidas feeling honored by the compliment and telling that both of them having the same goal: To liberate the world of its ancient rule. Due to the Empress's tremendous power, he then allied himself with the Empress in order to stand supreme astride the world and tried to vie for human supremacy with the powers of Empress Zethia.

Returning again in Chapter 12, after the heroes attempted to attack the capital city of Dyrenell Empire, Sol Alberia, both Leonidas and his sister, Chelle, then form a cooperation to defeat the heroes that has causing the ruckus which resulted on the heroes retreating to the Wooded City of Rovetelle. During the battle, Leonidas then deployed Mars in order to defeat the heroes once and for all which resulted on the latter retreating to Mistholt.

After the heroes retreated, with the help of Chelle and her spy networks, Leonidas then began to deploy the Phobos units, several soldiers who enhanced their magical capabilities with alchemy with a side effect that their body can't withstand the power which resulted on them getting burned as their body snapped like frail little twigs, towards the Haildom much to Euden's disgust. After the heroes managed to persuade Chelle to pull her armies from Rovetelle, Alex then began to reminisce some things about Leonidas while still owing him a debt.

Hearing that Chelle had pulled her army, Leonidas then dispatched his Deimos units, the fiends that were enhanced by alchemy. Seemingly defeating Euden, several sylvans and the army of St. Lotier then began to help Euden to fight against Leonidas. However, this resulted on Leonidas pulling his trump card by pulling a kind of stronger version of shapeshift known as Dracoshift and transform himself into Mars and knocked Euden's soldiers unconscious which resulted on Euden shapeshift again with Midgardsomr.

As both Euden and Leonidas fighting with each other, Leonidas tells all of his motivations and his opinions about the dragons and their pacts that causes false peacce which resulted in Leonidas attempting to liberate the world from the dragons and siding with the Empress to further his own agenda while trying to kill Euden as the more people cling hopes towards Euden, the more powerful the dragons were.

Seemingly attempts to defeat Euden, Leonidas was stopped by Alex. Even then, Leonidas then ran out of energy to become Mars which resulted on him trying to accept defeat from Euden himself. As he seemingly rejected the conditions on obeying Euden's orders, the two still began to talk about Aurelius's will on opposing the unknown threats from the north. However, their chat was soon interrupted by their brother, Phares and his Void Dragons.

It was revealed that in one of the Extra Parts of Chapter 12, he participates in the meeting with Chelle and Phares before the War of Rovetelle started in which he expressed a concern about Phares using the dark secret of Alberia to further his own agenda. When the story returned in Chapter 13, Leonidas attempts to stop Phares's void dragons but to no avail. Truly defeated, Leonidas then tells Euden to go to Lake Reeve to stop Phares before Leonidas was brought by Alex to Valkaheim to sustain his own injuries.

Alternate timeline

In one timeline, Leonidas was successful in his goal to bringing an end to dragon rule by killing every dragon in the world and becoming king, with Harle as his prime minister. However, by killing all dragons, the world starts falling into ruin. Leonidas does everything he can to save everybody and the world. However, Harle suggests sacrificing the weak so the strong can survive which Leonidas refuses to do, prompting Harle to plan an assassination with the Harle of the main timeline who was sent there by an impostor. While this Leonidas's Harle fails thanks to the original Harle actually maintaining a sense of morality, it is unknown what becomes of Leonidas or the world in this timeline after the main time Harle returns to his own, though it is assumed that they all perished much like most other alternate timelines shown.


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