Leonide Moguy is a minor antagonist in the 2012 Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained. He is the racist and sycophantic lawyer of Calvin Candie, owner of the Candieland plantation.

He was portrayed by Dennis Christopher, who also portrayed Cyvus Vail.


Leonide "Leo" Moguy is Calvin Candie's lawyer. He was put through law school by Candie's grandfather for the specific purpose of becoming his lawyer. Moguy accompanies Candie everywhere to help him with any possible legal issues that could befall him.

He first appears in the film when Dr. Schultz and Django arrive at Candieland to buy Django's wife Broomhilde, who is a slave owned by Candie. During a Mandingo fight, Moguy is seen cheering on a slave called Big Fred, who eventually wins by beating his opponent to death with a hammer. Moguy comments that Big Fred is "worth every penny".

Later, he helps to draw up the documents for Broomhilde's sale to Dr. Schultz. After forcing Schultz to pay $12,000 for Broomhilde, Candie mockingly forces Schultz to shake his hand. This proves to be a mistake, as a disgusted Schultz shoots Candie and is then shot by Butch Pooch. Django then takes Pooch's gun and kills him in revenge. Moguy runs away, but only has time to throw open the parlour doors before being shot in the back by Django. Falling to the ground, the wounded lawyer screams in pain as he is used as a human shield in the ensuing shootout before finally dying from multiple bullet wounds.


Moguy claims to have been raised specifically for the role of Candie's lawyer, hired and put through law school by Candie's grandfather. He is sycophantic towards Candie as a result, seeming to be in complete agreement with Candie in every one of his wild claims. He is also disrespectful towards black people.


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