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I would have granted her land or made her rich as Crassus! But no, that wicked creature sought to be clever. She said I could never save my family without her aid and demanded - DEMANDED!- that I end my rule, destroy all titles and deeds, delivering my land and wealth to the common folk! Did she really believe I would plunge my kingdoms, my EMPIRE, into anarchy? Truly, she was mad. But now, nothing remains but ash and cinder.
~ Leopold I about his "teacher".

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (9 June 1640 – 5 May 1705) is a posthumous villain in the SCP mythos. He was the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. However, behind his façade as a respected intellectual he was a maniac obsessed with finding a way that his family, the Hapsburgs, could continue their practice of inbreeding without detrimental effects.


According to Leopold's diary, which was recovered by the SCP Foundation during a raid in Vienna, he became interested in preserving bloodline purity after Charles II of Spain, a Hapsburg, died due to several congenital defects caused by his parents inbreeding. After this, Leopold realized that the reason health problems persisted through the Hapsburg line was due to their practice of inbreeding for bloodline purity. However, reasoning that bloodline purity could not be abandoned, he began vigorously studying the sciences in order to find a way for the incest to continue without any health side-effects to his descendants.

Unable to find a solution in the traditional scientific and religious practices, Leopold turned to practitioners of the "occult sciences". He formed a pact with a mysterious woman who was a practitioner of Sarkicism, who agreed to show him the "way of all flesh" if he agreed to pay her any price she wanted. He also had a secret laboratory constructed beneath Vienna, where it wouldn't be found.

Under the woman's tuition, Leopold learned the way of all flesh, discovering the existence of DNA and that it was possible to manipulate it. With this in mind, he began to experiment on animals using equipment imported from Damascus. The experiments succeeded, and he was able to create new creatures by creating an anomalous strain of DNA. He then moved on to human experiments, experimenting on the workmen who built his laboratory and turning them into monsters.

Disgusted by her pupil's actions, Leopold's teacher refused to help him and revealed her payment; Leopold was to give up his titles and empire and give all his wealth to the poor. Going back on his word, Leopold had her arrested and delivered to the Church, who burned her for witchcraft upon hearing Leopold's testimony.

Continuing his experiments, Leopold gradually lost all sanity he had left, eventually going thoroughly insane until his death in 1705. However, before his death he was able to introduce his anomalous DNA strain to the Hapsburg bloodline.


Unfortunately, although the Hapsburgs were able to keep inbreeding without congenital defects, it came with the side-effect of causing mutations into horrifying creatures all across Europe. The Hapsburgs, disgusted by what they had created, sealed the creatures within underground vaults across Europe. One of these vaults, Leopold's original lab, was rediscovered by the Foundation in the 21st century, leading to the descendants of Leopold's creations being captured and designated SCP-3288. The Foundation are currently attempting to find all the vaults in order to end Leopold's legacy for good.


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