Leopold Kurtz

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Leopold Kurtz is a recurring antagonist in the Hellboy-comics. He was a follower of Grigori Rasputin and key member in Project Ragna Rok.


Leopold Kurtz was one of Nazi-Germany's most brilliant engineers, who became interested in the occult after mastering science. He was a personal favourite of Adolf Hitler and was given the chance to be part of Project Ragna Rok, working under Grigori Rasputin and Klaus Werner von Krupt.

During the project Kurtz became a disciple to Rasputin and the Ogdru Jahad, alongside Ilsa Von Haupstein and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

After the apparent failure of the project in 1944, Rapsutin adviced the three disciples to go and freeze themselves in a secret Nazi-base, until they were released in 1994 by Roderick Zinco, who was ordered by Rasputin's spirit to do so. Zinco provided the three resources for their personal scientific experiments, with Kurtz trying to make a new body for his master.


  • Kurtz was cut out of the 2004 film, but appeared in the 2019 film, in which he was played by actor Dimiter Banenkin. His appearance in that film was largely based on that of Major Arnold Ernst Toht from the Raiders of the Lost Ark
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