It's a nasty world out there, and it's catching up with us.
~ Leopold Strauss

Leopold Strauss is a supporting antagonist in Red Dead Redemption II.

He was voiced by Howard Pinhasik.


Leopold Strauss was born circa 1846 in Vienna, Austria in poverty. By the age of 14, his older brother was a petty crook who would beat up watchmen for food scraps. Strauss's father sold his own daughter into slavery at the age of 9. He whipped and beat her. It broke the heart of Strauss's mother and even his older brother. However, Strauss laughed so hard that it almost brought him to tears. Strauss, his parents, and his older brother came to Texas in the United States. There, Strauss had become a debt collector, bookkeeper, and accountant all over the southern United States, but after robbing a general store, he had to flee to Louisiana on foot. There, he took a poor, lost, and fatherless Micah Bell as his own son. He and Micah would be inducted into Dutch van der Linde's gang in early 1899, where Leopold would handle much of the gang's accounting. While on the run from the Pinkertons after the botched Blackwater robbery, Strauss has Arthur Morgan collect some debts from victims. One of whom had tuberculosis which he spread to Arthur. Sometime after the gang set up camp in Beaver Hollow, Arthur finally exiles Strauss from the camp following another loan shark job.


Sometime after his exile, Strauss was captured by the Pinkertons and was brutally tortured in an attempt to reveal the gangs location, however he refused and died from his injuries.


  • He is the reason why Arthur caught tubercolosis by having him collect a debt from one of his victims.


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