Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby The Third is the robotic disguise used by Cole and is main antagonist of Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure.


Cole was the apprentice of the the adventurer Henry Hatsworth and longed to go along on a adventure with him. But everytime he asked Henry to take him along he was denied because he did not feel Cole was old enough. Angry that Henry treated him like a kid and never gave him any credit for discovering the locations of treasure, he built a robotic suit and adopted the persona of Weasleby. As Weasleby he soon became the rival of Henry, ranking just below Henry in the Pompous Adventurer's Club as the second greastest member.

When Henry hears of a golden suit that grants eternal youth and the power to control the treasure filled Puzzle Realm, he dismisses the legends and sets out to find it. When he finds the first piece of the suit, a golden bowler hat he removes it, breaking the seal to the Puzzle Realm and opening a rift allowed monsters that inhabit to escape. Henry sets off to find the rest of the suit to close the rift as Weaslby follows him, hoping to use the suit for himself

As Weasbly, Cole is very gifted in robotics, using a flying mechanical steam-powered top hat to attempt to attack Henry throughout the game . When the suit was alomost complete, Both Weasbly and Hatsworth learn the piece of the suit capable of closing the rift, Called the master Piece, was in the Puzzle realm itself and they both set off to get it first. Weasleby arrives before Henry and uses the power to become all-powerful. A fight between Henry and Weasleby began and Henry chased him off.

Henry confronted Weasleby at his mansion, where he revealed himself to be Cole. Cole summoned a massive robot and tried to kill Henry one last time. When he was defeated Henry toke the Master peice and used it to seal off the Puzzle Realm, returning all the parts of the golden suit to their rightful places. Cole decided to wield the hat only to turn into a baby.

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