Leopold the Terrible is a supporting antagonist of the 2018 series The Legend of the Three Caballeros. He is Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose's minion who aids him in his plots.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Leopold has a gentle side when he's with his masters and hates seeing fight with each other. However he's still ferocious to his enemies.



Leopold served Lord Felldrake in past during his reign. After he was defeated, Leopold was mummified and became sealed in an Egyptian casket. He was placed Clinton Coot's cabana and slept there for years.

The Legend of the Three Caballeros

He was awakened after Felldrake's staff was discovered by Baron Von Sheldgoose. With that in mind, Leopold aided Felldrake and the Baron in numerous schemes to take over the world, such as using the pyramids of Egypt to summon a hidden army of robots from the Moon, summoning lava demons from the volcanoes of Easter Island, but they all failed thanks to the interference of Donald, José and Panchito (as they are descendants of the original Caballeros), much to Felldrake's anger.

It wasn't until the Baron managed to steal three amulets that were used by the original Caballeros, which he used them to drain Felldrake out from the staff into a new form. With a new powerful body in place, Felldrake engages into a fight against Xandra and the Caballeros while giving some of his powers to the Baron for the latter and Leopold to stall them.

Thanks to an ancient wizard named Blazebeaks (whose power was used to power up the amulets), the Caballeros were able to even up the odds, using the amulets' powers to drain Felldrake back into his staff once again. However, before it could be done, the Baron broke the staff out of panic, causing Felldrake's spirit to be transported into the Baron's body.

While the Baron was stripped of his presidency for his actions, Leopold helps the Baron escape before finding out that Felldrake has taken possession of his body. Felldrake then states that he has an old friend named Magica De Spell who owes him a favor as they head to her lair in hopes that she would use her magic to separate the two so that they can get their revenge on the Caballeros.


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