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'Ey! Oosat? 'E's got the boss!
~ The Leprechaun
NO! 'E's killed 'im!
~ The Leprechaun in the Finish Him fail.
Nevermind. Guess the leader's got 'im.
~ The Leprechaun in the Rewire fail.

The Leprechaun is a recurring minor antagonist in Completing the Mission, always opposing Henry Stickmin with a group of other Toppats, and appearing with others even when he is on Henry's side.

He's a Toppat Clan member who completely embraces his appearance, to the point of faking an accent for it. He is also immediately willing to help out the Toppat Clan, as he immediately attacks Henry whenever he sees him.


Completing the Mission

The Leprechaun appears in several endings of Completing the Mission, ranging from a major antagonist in Master Bounty Hunter, a minor antagonist in Triple Threat, Valiant Hero and Cleaned 'em Out, and a minor character in Toppat Recruits.

Master Bounty Hunter

In the middle of the Government Raid, the Leprechaun calls out Henry Stickmin holding the malfunctioning Right Hand Man to Ali Gene and Antonidas Sparta, causing Henry to panic. Henry then plays Charles' Song which makes the helicopter pilot pick him up, after which Henry throws the Right Hand Man into the helicopter and then jumps into it himself. After this, the majority of the Toppat Clan is arrested while the remaining members break into small groups. The Leprechaun's fate is unknown.


  • The trio surround Henry if he selects Dance-Off, only to get blown back by a sudden tank falling on him.
  • If Henry rewires the Right Hand Man, the Leprechaun corrects himself after realizing Right Hand Man was with working with him.
  • The Leprechaun let's out a pained cry if Henry selects Finish Him and throws Right Hand Man to his death, only for Antonidas to kick Henry off of the ramp.

Triple Threat

The Leprechaun is seen in the cafeteria watching as The Ruffian, Wallace Dagwood, Fredrick Muenster, and Mr. Skyscraper confront Henry and Ellie Rose. Henry and Ellie decide to do a diversion in which Henry decides to dance to distract the Toppats. The Leprechaun is shown to have gotten up to attack the duo, only for him to be one of the first Toppats distracted, doing the iconic distraction dance. At the end of the route, the entire orbital station landed at The Wall after being hijacked by Henry and Ellie, with the Leprechaun being arrested alongside all the other members.

Cleaned 'em Out

The Leprechaun is seen at the end with Henry Stickman, Earrings, two unknown Toppats, and Sven Svensson, questioning why the rocket is empty.

The Leprechaun's fate is unknown, but it can be presumed that the Government Raid still happened off-screen. If so, then he was either killed, arrested or survived if the Toppats won.

Valiant Hero

The Leprechaun is seen laying facedown and presumably dead next to the escape pods. Even if he was alive, the orbital station explodes and kills him.

Toppat Recruits

The Leprechaun is seen visibly unhappy on the end screen, implying he isn’t happy with the fact that Henry and Ellie are now members of the Toppat Clan.


  • The Leprechaun is the second most appearing minor Toppat in Completing the Mission, tied with Wallace Dagwood and Carol Cross at five appearances, only being behind Fredrick Muenster at six appearances.
  • The Leprechaun seems to be a reference to Lucky the Leprechaun from the Lucky Charms brand.