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The "Leprechaun" is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Hamish McConville) of the film Lepechaun: Origins. While he is based very loosely on Lubdan, he is neither named nor associated with Lubdan, other than being a member of the Leprechaun species. He was portrayed by Dylan Postl, who is also famous for playing Hornswoggle in WWE (who is also a leprechaun in-universe).


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The Leprechaun is not seen often, but when it is displayed it is a humanoid with a ghoulish appearance, it lacks any clothing and moves much like a wild animal. It's face is feral and devoid of the usual "fairy features" associated with magical beings. Sharp claws and fangs further deviate the creature from most depictions of the "fair folk".


Unlike many depictions of Leprechauns, this creature did not show any real magical abilities beyond an ageless physiology and some degree of enhanced vision. It instead had supernatural strength, speed, and sharp claws/fangs by which to attack victims. 

Kill Count

  • Francisco: Mauled to death.
  • Catherine: Mauled
  • Irish Farmer: Killed off-camera
  • Ian Joyce: Impaled
  • Mary: Killed off-camera
  • David: Mauled
  • Jeni: Axed in the face
  • Ben: Spine ripped out.
  • Hamish McConville: Mauled to death.
  • Sean McConville: Killed off-camera.


  • Leprechaun: Origins was intended to be a reboot of the series, but was so poorly received that many consider it a "stand alone" film with only very basic links to the other films and the "Leprechaun" itself is seen to be distinct from Lubdan.
  • Despite being called a Leprechaun, the creature in the film is much more like a goblin, redcap or ghoul than any traditional depiction of a Leprechaun.
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