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Who the fuck are you supposed to be? The green condom? You know it ain't Halloween for another few months, kid?
~ Leroy, upon seeing Kick-Ass arrive at the front door

Leroy is a minor antagonist in Kick-Ass. He was an associate of Rasul, for whom he worked as a bodyguard.

He was killed by Big Daddy with a shotgun, when he attempted to attack Hit-Girl from behind during a confrontation with the costumed vigilante Kick-Ass. He is portrayed by actor Omar Soriano.


Leroy is first seen standing by the front door keeping an eye out for intruders. He's moving his head to the music from his headphones when Kick-Ass shows up as a favor for Katie Deauxma. Leroy sees him and laughs at his costume, not knowing that he really is a superhero. When Kick-Ass says he's there to speak with Rasul, this arouses Leroy's suspicions and asks who is he. Protecting his true identity, Kick-Ass says he's a friend of Rasul's ex-girlfriend Katie. With that information, Leroy allows him to walk in the door. After Hit-Girl kills most of Rasul's gang, she stabs Maya twice and the blades go right through the door, causing Leroy to spring into action and attack the killer inside. He's inches from attacking Hit-Girl with a broken beer bottle before he is shot right through the head from Big Daddy's shotgun rifle from afar.


Who the fuck are you?
~ Leroy to Kick-Ass when told he is there to see Rasul
What the fuck?
~ Leroy's last words after seeing Hit-Girl's swords impale Maya through the door in front of him, prompting him to attack her


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