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Leroy Maddox is the secondary antagonist of the 2009 Derrick Comedy film Mystery Team. He is a dangerous drug dealer who lives in Oakdale. He is the one who murdered Barton and Karen Peters after he was hired by Robert Finney to keep Barton from exposing that he was treated wood with a toxic substance.


Earlier life

Leroy went to High school the Mystery Team's friend Jordy, who was in his second year as a senior. Leroy used to work at the Oakdale lumber yard, where he was presumably fired by Greg Coleman, who wanted to make sure no one to know he used to work there, because of his bad reputation. He use to have sex with a punk kid named Dougie's mother.


Leroy currently lived in Oakdale as a notorious drug dealer with his girlfriend Destiny was, somewhat unfaithful to him. One day was Holden and Charles executive President Robert Finney, who planning to treat wood of the new lumber division with a toxic substance called Ipedolene, to scare company lawyer Barton Peters, who learned of this and going to reveal this to public and ruin Robert, into keeping a secret and obtaining the documents to prove that Iphedolene was toxic. However the night Leroy went to Barton's house, which was witnessed by a hobo named Sam, he murdered him and his wife, Karen, instead and stole their older daughter Kelly's ring, which he would give to Dougie, but could not find the documents.


Leroy is a vicious drug dealer and murder who showed no mercy to anyone who intended to kill. He was paranoid as thought Duncan and Charlie were cops after becoming suspicious of them.