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There are barracudas with duller teeth.
~ Emily about Lesli's actions
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I asked you to do one thing, Mona. One freaking thing! And you screwed it up. You screwed it up for me! You always screw everything up!
~ Lesli to Mona

Lesli Stone is an antagonist on Pretty Little Liars. She was a friend of Mona Vanderwaal's, who came to Rosewood after Mona's fake death. She appeared to be friendly, and hurt by Mona's death.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth McLaughlin.

When Alison was on trial for killing Mona, the prosecution calls in is a surprise witness, who is revealed to be Lesli. Leslie commits perjury and trashes the Liars severely.

She makes it appear as though Alison stalked and murdered Mona, and that her friends helped her cover it up.

It is later revealed that she was a mental patient.

She returns in Season 6, where the Liars suspect that she is "A".


  • Her name may be spelled "Leslie."

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