You work with your females, arm them and force them to wear clothing.
~ Letek, on human females

Letek was a Ferengi villain from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Last Outpost".

He was was portrayed by Armin Shimerman, who played Quark in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Dr. Nefarious and his reboot counterpart in the Ratchet & Clank series.


Letek was an officer on a Ferengi marauder commander by DaiMon Tarr. After the Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from the Federation, they were prusued by the USS Enterprise into a system where a Portal of the T'Kon Empire resided on one of the planets. Both ships were ensnared by the Portal. Tarr agreed to send an away team down to the surface of the T'Kon outpost. Instead of cooperating with the Starfleet team, Letek and his fellow Ferengi attacked the Starfleet team.

When Portal revealed himself to the Ferengi and Starfleet teams, Letek tried to talk Portal into destroying the Enterprise. When Portal challenged Riker, Riker responded to Portal with a line from Sun'Tzu, impressing Portal with his deep thoughts, and revealing how shallow Letek's motivations were. Portal then released both ships, and went back to sleep following a roar that left Letek and his fellow Ferengi howling in agony.

By the 2370s Letek had reached the rank of DaiMon, and had command of his own ship. In 2372 he encountered the crew of DS9. Letek's resembelence to Quark led Jadzia Dax to remark that he looked familiar. Letek transported Quark to Ferenginar in an attempt to smooth over relations between the Bajorans and the Ferengi.

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