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Oh Ja! I feel a good undulation. Your rumbling is excellent. I think I'm going to lose ze bowel control!
~ Letz Shake
All I desire is a duel with you. Desire level: One hundred percent. Revenge on primary target was a success. Behold. Said dramatically.
~ Dr. Letz Shake

Letz Shake is a minor antagonist in the video game No More Heroes. Originally a human rockstar, he was quickly killed by Henry Cooldown, before being restored in the form of a more significant antagonist in the form of Dr. Letz Shake in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

Letz Shake is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, and Dr. Letz Shake is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


No More Heroes

A punk musician from Singapor, Letz Shake is a minor antagonist. Originally built up to be a deadly threat due to his earthquake generator, he is quickly killed and his machine destroyed by Henry in one slash.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

However, this wasn't the end for Letz Shake. Being revived with his brain commanding his generator, he sought revenge over both Travis and Henry for his poor performance at being a threat. At the Battle Royale Travis is participating in, Dr. Letz Shake kills all the other participants before Travis was even let into the battleground. When Travis informs Dr. Letz Shake that the object of his revenge is Travis's brother Henry, Dr. Letz Shake turns to reveal Henry's encased body attached to Shake's armor. Even though Dr. Letz Shake's brain is human based, he still communicates like a stereotypical A.I., stating what emotions he's conveying, such as "Devilish laughter!". Dr. Letz Shake produces earthquakes at random speed, forcing Travis has to choose whether to stay on a platform that isn't affected by the earthquakes or go after the doctor. These earthquakes are so powerful that it can take half his health away. He also shoots lasers out of his sides. He can also create mini-earthquakes if Travis is underneath him. After the battle Tavis stabs Dr. Letz shake's brain and makes it explode, flinging Henry's still living yet encased body across the stadium. This makes Travis rank go up from the 22th ranked assassin to the 10th ranked assassin. Shinobu showed up after the boss battle, telling her story to Travis.


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