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Villain Overview

Surrender now... and you will be allowed to live.
~ Lec Kravchenko to Alex Mason and Frank Woods in Baikonur after capturing Grigori Weaver.
You... again... I should have killed you in Vorkuta.
~ Lev Kravchenko to Mason before stabbed by Woods.

Colonel Lev Kravchenko (Russian: Лев Кравченико) is the secondary antagonist of the Call of Duty franchise's Call of Duty: Black Ops sub-series.

He serves as the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a minor antagonist in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and the secondary antagonist of the game's zombie mode, and a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He also appears as an Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as well as being a featured character in Call of Duty: Mobile.

He is a prominent, but sadistic Red Army officer who joined Project Nova with Nikita Dragovich and Friedrich Steiner in an attempt to wipe out the United States. He would later become affiliated with the Nicaraguan drug lord Raul Menendez when the Soviet Union was slowly crumbling during the mid-1980s. Kravchenko would meet his end in Afghanistan, being killed by his enemies Alex Mason or Frank Woods.

He was voiced by Andrew Divoff, who also portrayed The Djinn in the first two Wishmaster films, Richard Ganz in Another 48 Hrs., Luis Cali in Toy Soldiers, and Nikolai Krukov in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.


He is the right hand man (often referred to as the "lapdog") of General Nikita Dragovich and he is the reason why the SOG was deployed to Vietnam. It was through Kravchenko that the Viet Cong became allies of the Soviets. He was also known to have personally taking Alex Mason prisoner two times in the whole game. Kravchenko is cold-hearted and highly sadistic person and he can be considered to be one of the most violent and evil characters in the whole Call of Duty franchise.

In any other regime, Colonel Kravchenko would have been locked away, otherwise executed. Often referred to as Dragovich's lap dog, Kravchenko was a cold-hearted sadist made of pure evil. Staying mostly silent, he carried out his master's orders without question.

Much like Dragovich, Kravchenko detested Viktor Reznov. However; his reasons were much more mundane than those of Dragovich: Kravchenko took his lead wholly from his General.



Lev Kravchenko was born on March 20th, 1922 in Petrograd, Russia and later met Nikita Dragovich, and its implied that the latter mentored him. Kravchenko became greatly devoted to Dragovich, and its rumored that Lev murdered his own sister for rejecting Nikita's interest in her. As a result, Kravchenko's loyalty allowed him to be Dragovich's second-in-command, and be referred to as Nikita's "lapdog". Both Kravchenko and Dragovich joined the Soviet Armed Forces during the late 1930s or early 1940s, and participated in the Second World War against the Nazi Party. It's implied that he was present when Dragovich denied reinforcements for Sergeant Viktor Reznov during the battle at Red Square in 1942. As a result, Reznov became bitter towards Dragovich, and knew not to trust the man even after the end of World War II.

Operation Olympus

Ahh... The hero of Berlin graces us with his presence!... Have you not tired of battle, Reznov?
~ Kravchenko to Viktor Reznov.

Kravchenko executing Nazi soldiers during Operation Olympus.

After the end of the war, Dragovich interrogated German prisoners and learned that a Nazi scientist named Friedrich Steiner was working on a chemical weapon known as nova 6. Wanting to seize the chemical weapon for the Soviet Union, Dragovich led "Operation: Olympus" to capture the doctor, who was willing to defect from the Nazis to the Soviet Union to save himself. Kravchenko and Dragovich lead a team under the command of Reznov and his ally Dimitri Petrenko to take over the Nazi compound and safely capture the doctor. Steiner showed Kravchenko and Dragovich the chemical weapon within a cargo ship, and wanting to see it tested, Nikita ordered his men to throw Reznov, Dimitri, and his squad into observation rooms. After seeing the gas kill Dimitri and other soldiers, Kravchenko, Dragovich, and Steiner left as British Commandos assaulted the cargo ship to steal the weapon for themselves. Though Reznov managed to escape and destroy the cargo ship, he was captured by Soviet soldiers, and Kravchenko had him sent to Vorkuta.

Cold War

By the cold war, Kravchenko reached to the rank of Colonel within the Soviet Army, and assisted Dragovich in his plan to destroy the west so the Soviet Union could become the only super power. Dragovich wanted to place sleeper agents across America, and Kravchenko oversaw the brainwashing of Vorkuta prisoners while Steiner worked on recreating the chemical gas. With nova 6, Dragovich planned on having his sleeper agents be station across the west, and release the gas so the Soviet Union could easily invade without deterrence.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

You... Will die... With me.
~ Kravchenko to Woods, before pulling the grenade belt.

Needing to a secure location to construct their underwater numbers station, Kravchenko and Dragovich managed to secure an alliance with Cuban minister Fidel Castro, and worked on having the station broadcast the number frequencies for the sleeper agents. When the Central Intelligence Agency sent operatives Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Joseph Bowman to assassinate Castro, the prime minister managed to survive with the use of a body double he had placed in his compound. Kravchenko managed to capture Mason when the latter helped his allies escape from Cuba, and Castro gave Mason to Dragovich on the account that he made the American suffer. Dragovich decide to have Mason be one of his sleeper agents to assassinate president John F. Kennedy, and Kravchenko took him to Vorkuta where he could be brainwashed.

Kravchenko holding Weaver hostage.

Steiner managed to brainwash Mason, but the latter refused to comply with the directives given to him, and Dragovich saw no use for him and left him to rot in Vorkuta. However, Mason met Reznov, whom managed to re-program Alex to kill Kravchenko, Dragovich, and Steiner to avenge Dimitris' death. Mason and Reznov planned a prison break, and Mason managed to escape back to the United States as Reznov was killed to let Alex complete his goal. Despite the setback, Dragovich did succeed in having President Kennedy assassinated, and it's implied that Mason followed the directive, or was part of the operation that assassinated the president. One month later, Kravchenko and Dragovich worked with the Ascension Group to launch a Soyuz rocket in Baikonur, and Kravchenko captured CIA agent Grigori Weaver. Brining him out of the launch site, Kravchenko contacted Weaver's allies to surrender, and when receiving no response, stabbed Weaver in the eye. He then ordered his men to interrogate and kill Weaver, and managed to escape the compound before Mason, Woods, Bowman, and Weaver could eliminate him. Though the CIA thought they eliminated Dragovich, he also managed to escape after the Ascension Group were killed.

Kravchenko and Dragovich capturing Mason again.

During the height of the Vietnam War, Dragovich and Kravchenko made an alliance with the North Vietnamese Army, and only did so to test nova 6 on Vietnamese citizens and American POWs. Kravchenko was instructed to test the gas, and kept audio recordings on the exposed victims in Viet Cong tunnel systems, and also conducted operations in Laos and Cambodia. The Studies and Observations Group attempted to find Kravchenko, but instead ended being captured by Lev and Dragovich while investigating a crashed Soviet cargo plane. He took Mason, Woods, and Bowman to the Viet Cong where they tortured them via Russian roulette, and Bowman was killed by the Spetsnaz Operative. Mason and Woods managed to escape, and confronted Kravchenko in his office, but were defeated by him in hand-to-hand combat. While Kravchenko assaulted Mason, Woods managed to surprise the colonel with a knife stab, but Lev pulled the pins off of multiple grenades attached to his belt. Mason assumed that the two were killed in the blast, and continued on his path with "Reznov" to kill Dragovich and Steiner.


Both Kravchenko and Woods managed to survive the grenade blast, and the former recovered first and proceeded to send Woods to the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam. Afterward, Kravchenko returned to Rebirth Island to retrieve Soviet operative Vikhor Kuzmin, and stripped him of his rank for failing to stop the CIA's assault on the Rebirth labs. Kravchenko then sent Kuzim to the Petropavlovsk Gulag for failing to stop the Americans, and later vanished off the grid completely. Dragovich was then killed by Mason, and his plan to destroy the west was stopped when the CIA assaulted the Rusulka and the underwater numbers station in the gulf. Despite the death of his close ally, Kravchenko continued to work within the Soviet Army, and began to closely work with the KGB in Moscow.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Yes, and once we are finished with this mole, he will be as blind and buried as his namesake.
~ Kravchenko during the briefing (determinant).

Kravchenko being tricked into thinking Charkov is a mole (determinate).

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Kravchenko is seen working with the KGB alongside Imran Zakhaev, and was assigned to locate the mole within the KGB. He was called into a meeting with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev and Dimitri Belikov, and hears Gorbachev give security access only to Anton Charkov. Unbeknownst to Kravchenko, Belikov was the mole, and managed to briefly evade being made by framing/killing General Anton Charkov. If Belikov frames Charkov, Kravchenko will confront Anton and have him arrested for "betraying" Russia. Belikov also helped CIA agents Russell Adler and "Bell" infiltrate the KGB and collect the data from the mainframe, and escaped after being exposed as the mole.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Oh, huh huh... He's more powerful than you know. He even has people in the C.I.A.
~ Kravchenko's last words if not killed by Mason (player-determined).

Kravchenko being interrogated, which would end with his death.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it is revealed that Kravchenko survived his suicide encounter with Frank Woods, despite being stabbed, and has become an associate of Raul Menendez by selling weapons for money. In 1986 when Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson assisted the Mujahideen in fighting the Soviets invading Afghanistan Alex gets involved to a short fist fight with Kravchenko once again who is riding a tank but Mason wins due to Kravchenko's advanced age slowing him down. Mason and Woods capture Kravchenko and tie him up for interrogation for information about Menendez. However, as the interrogation begins, Mason's Vorkuta programming activates, urging him to kill Kravchenko.

If the player doesn't resists the numbers, Mason will shoot him in the head, much to Woods' shock, and will not get information about his dealings. If the player resists the number commands and doesn't shoot Kravchenko, he will reveal vital information about Menendez having a mole in the CIA. Unwilling to continue listening to any more information Kravchenko might have, Woods angrily shoots him in the head, killing him for good before the Mujahedeen betray them. No matter the outcome, Kravchenko's death is canon.


Lev Kravchenko is a major antagonist in the Dark Aether storyline in Black Ops Cold War zombies, where he acts as the leader of Omega Group.

KGB Chairman Viktor Chebrikov assigned Kravchenko to lead Omega Group to prepare for a possible threat in the Strategic Defense Initiative. He ordered the group to collect film realms from the Project Endstation building, as the archives there spoke of the Dark Aether. After Dr. Aleksandra Valentina collected the file, Kravchenko was allowed to start Operation Undertaker, and restarted the particle accelerator at the building. Restarting the accelerator created rifts, and the soldiers at the facility were killed by the undead.

After noticing rifts that opened portals, Omega Group then created a pact with the Vietnamese and created Firebase Z to study another rift there. Though Omega and the scientist managed to form and study the rift, the undead would come through due to the group not being able to control the rift.

Firebase Z

Really? Do you really want to know what I think? I think I want to see a demonstration of your commitment to Omega. Tell me, Doctor - which is your better eye?
~ Kravchenko to William Peck.

Kravchenko appears in a cinematic of Firebase Z, where he and Omega Group confront Dr. William Peck after Requiem manage to save Samantha Maxis. Kravchenko confronts Peck on being committed to Omega, pulling out his knife and asks William which of his eyes are better. It's assumed that Kravchenko took one of Peck's eyes for his failure to stop Requiem from rescuing Maxis, and possibly for his cowardice.


Sadly, Weaver - Them not coming 'home' is not part of the plan. Surrender now... and you will be allowed to live.
~ Kravchenko capturing Requiem and the Strike Team.

When Omega scientists wanted to defect to Requiem, Kravchenko learns of this and tasks lead scientist Hugo Jager to go undercover so he could kill them. Jager killed the scientists when they awaited for extraction after their helicopter crash, and set a trap for Requiem while leaving them an recorded message. Kravchenko arrived with Omega soldiers after Raptor-1 crashed, and Lev personally captured Requiem from the area.

Mauer der Toten

Find Valentina. Stop her army. You will do this - or your Raptor pilot dies.
~ Kravchenko to the Requiem strike team.

Kravchenko forces the Requiem strike team to stop Dr. Aleksandra Valentina (who's real name is Angelika Hannabelle Vogel), who believes that her father, Ulrich Vogel, left a Nazi army in the Aether and that she has blood oath to unleash them. Kravchenko forces Requiem to do so if they want the Raptor-1 pilot to live, and is assisted by Gorev, Dr. Peck and Hugo Jager. After Requiem stop Dr. Valentina and her plans, Kravchenko gives them the Raptor-1 pilot before telling the strike team that he can't allow them to leave. Kravchenko then attempts to kill the strike team and the Raptor-1 pilot while piloting a helicopter, but fails after Grigori Weaver and Samantha Maxis rescue them via Maxis opening a portal.


You f---ing fool. The wolf was at our door and you let him in. You've doomed us all.
~ Kravchenko to Peck on unknowingly helping the Forsaken.

Kravchenko would be convinced by Peck to instead capture and weaponize the Forsaken by freeing Kazimir Zykov from the Dark Aether, and set up a test site to free Zykov. Though Kravchenko succeeded in freeing Zykov, the latter revealed himself to be the Forsaken, and that he had been manipulating Peck into making a machine to allow him to enter their world. Lev proceeded to slap Peck upon hearing the latter's excuses, but was forced to hand the doctor a handgun to defend themselves from that zombies that breached their room. When Peck started to assist Requiem, Kravchenko became angered, telling them that it was the Soviet's destiny to be helped by the Forsaken. While giving his rant, Peck attempted to kill zombies when they breached the room, but accidently shot at a gas line that destroyed the building. Kravchenko's fate is left unknown, as Peck survived the incident with a scarred face.


I'm not a patient man, Belikov. Or a compassionate one.
~ Kravchenko to Dimitri Belikov.

Kravchenko was a powerful figure of a man, built for war. He was a ruthless and amoral military officer, and had to fulfill his bloodlust no matter the cost. He was aggressive and impatient but not vengeful. He did not see past his next action, and therefore would always be a dangerous weapon of war, and not an orchestrator. Kravchenko enjoyed the suffering of others; it is one of the few things that could incite anything resembling a human feeling inside the man. Beside his violent personality, he was known to be greatly loyal to Dragovich, and his loyalty allowed him to be the second-in-command of Nikita's group. Lev also proved himself to be a man who hated failure, as shown when he took Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin's rank for failing to stop the CIA's assault on Rebirth Island, or when taking one of Dr. Peck's eyes for failing to stop Requiem.



Ahh... The hero of Berlin graces us with his presence!... Have you not tired of battle, Reznov?
~ Kravchenko to Viktor Reznov.
February 4th, 1968. The stabilizing agents supplied by Doctor Clarke have met with success. Recent field tests on the local population have shown this to be the most effective strain of Nova 6 thus far. As with previous animal tests at Rebirth, the onset of symptoms in human subjects is exactly in line with our expectations. Within thirty seconds of inhaling the gas, subjects experience sudden and severe pain quickly followed by significant drop in blood pressure, leading to fever, nausea and vomiting. After sixty seconds, blistering of the skin begins, followed by scaling, peeling and discoloration across the subjects entire body...effectively signaling the onset of epidermal necrosis. At this stage, we have had limited success by way of aggressive surgical debridement in keeping subjects alive for short periods. But even the surgical removal of infected tissue is not enough to prevent further spread. While the speed of the infection appears to be consistent across adult males, we have observed a more aggressive rate of decay within infants, usually leading to mortality within thirty to forty-five seconds. We have every indication that we now have a workable formula which is effective, even in warmer climates. Communicate our successes to Doctor Steiner. Kravchenko out.
~ Kravchenko's recorded message.
Not this time, American!
~ Kravchenko before beating Mason.
Apparently not everyone shares your beautiful sentiments.
~ Kravchenko to Imran Zakhaev.
Huh... I have no idea how this got past me. Charkov will be passing through here soon. When he does, we will apprehend him.
~ Kravchenko if Belikov frames Charkov (determinant).
General Charkov... just how long have you been spitting on Mother Russia?
~ Kravchenko to Anton Charkov (determinant).
I left you to rot in Vietnam, Sergeant Woods. You should be dead.
~ Kravchenko to Woods during his interrogation (determinant).
The Soviet Union is dying. Money is all that matters.
~ Kravchenko to Woods during his interrogation (determinant).
Menendez wants to see your world burn.
~ Kravchenko to Woods during his interrogation (determinant).


I do appreciate your assistance, but regrettably, I cannot allow you to leave Berlin. Dasvidanya, Requiem.
~ Kravchenko betraying Requiem in the outro cinematic of Mauer der Toten.
You think I will just let you take what is rightfully mine?!? The Forsaken is destined to bring about Soviet supremacy, ending your capitalist reign!
~ Kravchenko to Requiem.
You idiot! Watch where you're shooting! THE GAS-LINE!
~ Kravchenko to Peck.


  • Lev is Russian for "Lion", which fits his aggressive and brutal behavior.
  • Mason and "Reznov" wear Kravchenko's clothing in the mission "Rebirth".
  • A photo of Kravchenko is seen as an Easter egg in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it's unknown why it was placed there, it was possibly a developer mistake.

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