Leva is one of the members of the Selfish and deputy of the group in Pretty Cure, who appear later in the series with Gula.


Leva appears as a tall man. He has grey hair and puts make-up, this makes him look similar to a clown. On his head, he wears a top hat, which can actually cut things. He wears a green jacket and also red shirt.

Powers and Abilities

He also can throw his hat like a disc, which is sharp to cut through things.

Leva has the same powers as the other members, he can turn people's selfish thoughts into Jikochuu, however he can also pair up with Gula, and summon a Jikochuu together, other than summon it, by himself.


  • He is named after Leviathan, a demon that represents "envy", one of the seven deadly sins.
  • He is the next villain who wear top hat like Bloody and Baron Salamander.
  • His appearance is similar to Mad Hatter because of his hat, while his lipstick is similar to clown.
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