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I am not saying there is anything special about this child except that he is a child!
~ Levi Kroll

Levi Kroll is one of the main antagonists in the Alex Rider series. He is one of SCORPIA's founders, alongside Winston Yu, Julia Rothman and Zeljan Kurst. Kroll is very aggressive, eager to bomb, kill and torture, yet he does not underestimate Alex Rider.


Levi Kroll came from Israel and was a prominent Jewish fighter in the Israeli army, and fought against the West. At some point, Levi Kroll heard of SCORPIA, and met in Paris with the other leaders to discuss business and profit.

Levi Kroll was very greedy and violent and suggested terrorism in London several times but was never taken very seriously by the others.

Levi was also very ambitious, wanting to lead operations. He asked to be in charge of operation Invisible Sword but was denied. He also wanted to be in charge of operation Reef Encounter but was also refused. Finally, in operation Horseman, the final endgame, he got so angry that he was passed over as project leader (which was given to Abdul al-Aziz Razim), and he burst out in a fit of rage and told everyone that SCORPIA would be doomed if he told police about them.

Levi Kroll had known about Max Grendel's assassination and he said that that reward would be all he would get for faithfully serving SCORPIA. Levi recommended they did not go after Alex a third time because twice he had beaten them and he would win the third time. Levi said he would leave the boat and they would never see him again.

However, Zeljan Kurst had known of this treachery beforehand, and he arranged a sniper posted in the local tower, to shoot Levi Kroll dead.

Zeljan Kurst put Levi in the freezer and he arranged for his corpse to be found by MI6 and blackmail them into going to use Alex.


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