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The Leviathan, also known as the Evil-God Beast is a gigantic monster and a minor antagonist from Devil May Cry 3.


It was once created by the original Devil King. Sparda sealed it away along with the Temen-ni-gru when he once defeated the creature.

But recently it is released by Vergil and Arkham and the Great Beast has been set loose upon contemporary Human World.

The Leviathan swallows Dante as he is running down the tower after awakening his Devil Trigger

Within the Leviathan

The Leviathan's body is a gateway to the Hell of Envy, and the Ignis Fatuus, composed of the souls of those sent to Hell, is Leviathan's power source. Its heart and lungs can be considered their own entity, and one that will protect itself at all costs; its lungs can absorb Red Orbs and White Orbs from Dante and Hell Envys, and the heart can use them to fire energy spheres and red lasers. Leviathan's digestive tract is populated by 2 Gigapedes and many Hell Envys.

Dante wanders throughout its entire body until he slays the beast's heart, causing it to crash into the tower's Subterranean Garden. Dante then escapes out of its eye.


  • The Leviathan is sea monster mentioned in the Old Testament as a gigantic fish that cannot be killed by man, but at the end of times, God will soon kill it and the Behemoth, and its flesh will be served to the righteous at a banquet in a tent made from its skin.
  • In Christianity, it is considered to be the demon of Envy, who punishes the corresponding sinners with crimes in the way.
  • The Leviathan's role as a gateway to the Hell of Envy also references the concept of the Hellmouth.


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