Layton. I've got my eyes on you. All three of 'em.
~ Chief Jakes

Levin Jakes is the secondary antagonist of the video game, Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He is the corrupt Police Chief of Misthallery, who allies Jean Descole to find the Golden Garden.



As Jakes had never been good at police work, he began to fabricate evidence and hired Bram, Ghent & Nordic to help him doing dirty tricks, like forcing people to confess or other jobs. He was able to conclude every case and became known as "Third Eye Jakes". He joined Descole, who wanted to find the Golden Garden, out of pure greed.

The Last Specter

As Jakes was well liked by the townspeople, Professor Layton and Emmy Altava visited him, however, he threatened them to leave Misthallery. He sent his henchmen on them, spread lies about them kidnapping Luke and later even arrested them.

In the end, he kidnapped Arianna and the friendly sea monster Loosha from the lake and tried to frame them for the deeds of the Phantom, which were committed by him and Descole with robots. After the Professor revealed their plans, Jakes was betrayed by Descole who used one of his robots to push him into a pipe.


Unlike Descole, Jakes seems to be rather stupid than intelligent and doesn't care much about anything but his own goals. He is constantly bragging, arrogant, and manipulative with his skills, especially towards his son.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his overweight, Jakes lacks fighting skills, however, he has a high authority in town and everyone believes what he tells, making it easy for him to lie and slander about the protagonists.



  • It is unknown what happened to him after being attacked by Descole's robot, however, due to a conversation between Chelmey and Grosky in a hidden episode it can be assumed that he was brought to London and imprisoned.
  • Levin Jakes is one of the few Layton villains that doesn't have a remorseful side.
  • Levin Jakes is similar to Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park in appearance. Also like Nedry, Jakes captures a rare creature for money. (Jakes captures Loosha to give to Descole, Nedry steals Dinosaur embryos to sell to Biosys).


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