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Lewis, credited as "Rapist 1", is a supporting antagonist in Robert Rodriguez's film Planet Terror.

He is a soldier working for the main villain Muldoon, who kidnaps survivors of a spreading virus changing people into zombies. While the movie's villains are either honorable soldiers or innocent people turned into monsters, Lewis is the one of the few characters to be a true psychopath and sadist, though he is also one of the few not seen killing anyone.

He was portrayed by Quentin Tarantino, who is good friends with Robert Rodriguez, the director of the film.

Planet Terror

When Cherry, one of the protagonists, gets taken to quarantine by two soldiers, one of them (Lewis) starts teasing her. She reacts coldly, which angers him enough to threaten her with a gun. Lewis tells her to watch out and forces her to say "I got it", showing that he won't be kind to rebellious women.

Later, Lewis visits Cherry in her cell and forces her to dance, with the intention to rape her when he is turned on enough. When he mocks her wooden leg, Cherry kicks him across the face with it before planting it into his eye. Lewis starts mutating since he took off his gas mask too long and tries to rape Cherry before his whole body melts. A doctor friend of Cherry's sticks a syringue into his other eye. Cherry's lover Wray comes and gives Cherry a rifle, with which she finishes Lewis.



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