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You shouldn't use my name.
~ Lewis Dodgson to Dennis Nedry.

Dr. Lewis Dodgson is the overarching antagonist of the Jurassic Park franchise. He serves as the main antagonist of the novel series by the late Michael Crichton, appearing as the overarching antagonist of the 1990 science fiction novel of the same name and the main antagonist of the 1995 sequel The Lost World. He is also a minor antagonist in the film series, appearing as the overarching antagonist of the 1993 Jurassic Park film and will return in an unknown role in the upcoming 2021 film Jurassic World: Dominion.

He was the head of research at BioSyn who was known for his law-breaking studies, including a rabies vaccine test conducted on farmers in Chile without their knowledge of consent, which led to at least ten casualties. However, Dodgson was able to escape prosecution.

Originally, he had hired Dennis Nedry to steal embryos from Jurassic Park while on Isla Nublar, so that Biosyn could clone its own dinosaurs. He met with Nedry in Costa Rica to discuss the arrangement and give him equipment to complete his task: a can of shaving cream with a secret compartment to hold fifteen species of dinosaur. However, Nedry was killed by a Dilophosaur and dropped the embryos while attempting to leave the park.

He was portrayed by Cameron Thor in the first film, and will be portrayed by Campbell Scott in the upcoming sixth film, since Thor was convicted of sexual abuse.

In the Novels


Lewis Dodgson began his controversial career as a graduate student at Hopkins. He had been dismissed for planning human gene therapy without FDA permission. Later, Dodgson secretly went from one criminal activity to another, and kept on doing experiments on genes and animals, until joining Biosyn. His thorough sense of discretion eventaully helped worked his way up, covertly manipulating many scientists from other companies and established a network of people who work for him, until eventually becoming the head of research. Arguably his most notable crime was a rabies vaccine test conducted on farmers in Chile without their knowledge of consent, which led to at least ten casualties. 

Jurassic Park

In the novel, Dodgson met with Biosyn's board of directors to discuss the opportunity of stealing Ingen's dinosaur embryos and bring them back to Biosyn, so they can create dinosaurs just like Ingen did. Dodgson meets Dennis Nedry in a San Franciso airport coffee shop and reveals a briefcase of $750,000 and Dodgson tells Nedry that that's only half of the money Nedry will get for stealing the embryos. Nedry says he wants all the money on Sunday and tells Dodgson to have a boat by the east dock. Dodgson says he will and gives Nedry a shaving cream can, revealing a secret compartment to collect all the embryos and get past security.

The Lost World

When Nedry failed, Dodgson prepared to locate InGen’s Site B to collect the dinosaur eggs. He commissioned a team that included Howard King and George Baselton. When Sarah Harding was trying to get to Isla Sorna, Dodgson gave her a ride on the fishing boat with him and his gang, but he was really plotting to throw her overboard and drown her.

Upon arriving on Isla Sorna, Dodgson and his team started collecting dinosaur eggs using a sonic device Dodgson used to deter the dinosaurs. However, during the attempt to steal Tyrannosaurus eggs, Dodgson's machine shut down. With no protection, Baselton was eaten by the dinosaurs, and Dodgson fell off a small cliff, knocking himself out in the attempt to escape being devoured.

His vile plot and evil scheme was practically undone by the angry T. rex parents. It was believed that Dodgson had died when he fell off the cliff. But he awoke later to find a Compsognathus dinosaur attacking him, and was able to seek refuge from them in a shed. Upon waking later, he discovered the electric car that Sarah Harding was hiding under. When he tried to steal it and escape the island, Dodgson was attacked by Harding and then captured by the T. rex father, and carried to the nest where the T. rex mother and her babies were. There, Dodgson was presented to the T. rex babies as their first hunted meal.

In the Films

Jurassic Park

In the films, however, Dodgson has a significantly smaller role. He meets Dennis Nedry at a Costa Rican restaurant, and they make a conspiracy to steal dinosaur embryos so he can give Dennis $750,000 for it, giving Nedry an item (disguised as a Barbasol shaving cream can) for help for him to steal the dinosaur embryos.

Jurassic World: Dominion

He is set to return in Jurassic World: Dominion.


Dodgson is arguably the most evil villain of the Jurassic Park franchise. At first glance, Dodgson appeared to be a charismatic, sophisticated, polite and attentive gentleman. But in reality, Dodgson was a cold-blooded, shady, manipulative and ruthless psychopath. Unlike other scientists, who use their creativeness to invent new things, Dodgson's creativity was used almost exclusively to steal other people's ideas. He was willing to pay any price, whether in money or human lives, for achieving his goals. Despite this, Dodgson is extremely loyal to his company and is a subtle planner who usually prefers to thoroughly operate in the shadows, knowing that any evidence of Biosyn's involvment could potientally destroy the company. 

Unlike most of Jurassic Park villains, who had some caring toward family members, Dodgson didn't even care about his own parents. He even compared shooting his own parents to shooting a tiger, which indicates he saw them as no better than the animals whom he cruelly experimented on. The novel heavily implies that Dodgson has a history of abusing children, starting from sending at least one child to the hospital due to experimental marketing of genetically engineered food products, to killing at least one child in the rabies vaccine's experiment and finally trying to abduct a baby T. rex.





  • Dodgson and his team were completely written out of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, having been replaced by Peter Ludlow and the InGen crew. Thus, he is set to return in the upcoming sequel Jurassic World: Dominion.
  • Lewis Dodgson was the first human villain in the franchise (before Billy Yoder and Eli Mills) who tried to kill another human with his bare hands. However, unlike Yoder, Dodgson was successful. That makes him the first human in the franchise to succeed at killing another human being, the second being Mills.
  • In the first book, they said Dodgson was 34 years old, but in the second novel, they said that he was 45 years old. However, it was 6 years since the Isla Nublar Incident. If Jurassic Park is correct, Dodgson should be 34 years old by the time of the first novel and 40 years old by the time of the second novel, but if The Lost World is correct, Dodgson should be 39 years old by the time of the first novel and 45 years old by the time of the second novel.
  • Dodgson was the Greater Scope Villain in the novel Jurassic Park, and the Big Bad in the novel series, because he had not bribed Nedry to steal the embryos, the story would not have happened. Making Jurassic Park's version of Palpatine.
  • It is possible that he may have hired Vic Hoskins, who recruited Dr. Henry Wu and pulled the strings on Eli Mills into creating the Indoraptor and the one Mills sent the dinosaur embryos to.
  • He is one of two human villains in the film series to not be killed by dinosaurs (or die at all), the other being Henry Wu. Both are set to return in Jurassic World: Dominion.
  • Both he and Dr. Laurence Erhardt from Mystery Science Theater: 3000 disappeared for 28 years before finally making a reappearance in the revival of their respective series.


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