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Lewis Prothero is a minor antagonist that appears in the comic series V for Vendetta created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.


Lewis Prothero is a pale-skinned man with black hair and dresses in a dark outfit.


Lewis Prothero is a member of the Fascist Norsefire Party, and commander of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, a concentration camp for those who do not fit the party's "Aryan ideal". He later becomes "The Voice of Fate", the government radio broadcaster who daily transmits racist propaganda to the public.

Prothero is kidnapped by the terrorist V, a former prisoner of Larkhill, who takes him to a mock recreation of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp. V injects him with an overdose of the psychoactive drugs that were forced upon Larkhill's prisoners, and makes him watch while he burns Prothero's prized doll collection. Prothero loses his mind, and later found in a perpetual catatonic state by The Finger, Norsefire's secret police.