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Lewis Prothero is a minor antagonist in the V for Vendetta limited comic book series, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd.


Lewis Prothero is a pale-skinned man with black hair and dresses in a dark outfit.



By 1993, after a nuclear war between the United States of America and the Soviet Union in the 1980s, Lewis Prothero was a member of the English Fascist Norsefire Party led by Adam Susan and commander of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, a concentration camp for those who didn't not fit the party's "Aryan ideal", like LGBT people, Blacks, Muslims, Africans, political left-wingers, Asians and Jews. He worked alongside the Priest Anthony Lilliman and Doctor Delia Surridge, who was allowed to experiment with the Batch 5 hormonal drug. During Prothero's rule, prisoners were thrown into dirty cells, tortured, drugged with Batch 5 and even burnt alive or dead.

Some of Prothero's victims were a film actress named Valerie and woman named Rita who were arrested and tortured to death for being lesbians. In addition to that, to track down Valerie, her lover Ruth was tortured into giving her location, leading Ruth to commit suicide for betraying Valerie. However, one man victimized in Larkhill's Room 5, later known simply as V, managed to escape and burn down Larkhill, intending to bring the Norsefire Party to an end and get revenge against Susan's fascist government.

V for Vendetta

Years later, in 1997, Lewis Prothero now works as "The Voice of Fate", the government radio broadcaster who daily transmits racist and bigoted propaganda to the inhabitants of London, England, even though Prothero secretly has a doll collection in his house. One day, however, Prothero is kidnapped by V from a train and is taken to a mock recreation of the Larkhill Ressettlement Camp. Once there, despite trying to lie by saying he was never at Larkhill, V karmically forces Prothero tp relive his action as Larkhill's commander with an overdose of Batch 5 and burns down his treasure doll collection. This leads Prothero to have a mental breakdown and leaves him in a perpetual catanic state, which is how The Finger, Norsefire's secret police, later finds him, and sends Prothero to be locked up for the rest of his days. The following deaths of Lilliman and Surridge lead Eric Finch to realize V's past.

In the film

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  • It's heavily implied in the story that, much like Adam Susan, Lewis Prothero is a closeted homosexual man due to his hobby of collecting dolls despite claiming that dolls are for "pooftahs" (a derogatory term for gay people).