Lex Luthor is the main antagonist and most recurring villain in Justice League Action. He is a powerful businessman and is the archenemy of both Superman and the Justice League as a whole.

He is voiced by James Woods who also voiced Hades, Dr Phillium Benedict, FalconGloomius Maximus and Owlman.


Amassing great wealth, Luthor founded his own tech company and established connections to the criminal underworld of Metropolis. Lex Luthor has since become the city's most powerful man. Luthor uses his power for selfish intent and to further his greed and ambition, until the coming of Superman, who's constantly thwarted his plans. Driven by revenge and hatred for the alien superhero, Luthor has dedicated his intellect and resources in destroying Superman and the Justice League once and for all. Luthor is the Justice League's greatest enemy, as he will do anything to accomplish his goals in world conquest and becoming an all-powerful god.


Lex Luthor is an extremely arrogant, villainous man who's greatest goal is to destroy Superman once and for all. A brilliant man with a businessman mindset and a few billion dollars, Luthor uses these skills and resources to destroy his arch-nemesis Superman and the Justice League. Luthor is also highly egotistical and selfish as he cares more about power and himself than other people.