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Alexis Taylor Reed is a popular student at Webster High and the main antagonist in the Disney Channel television series, A. N. T Farm. Lexi sees students like Fletcher, Olive, and Chyna as a threat to her because of their academic ability. Even though she is one of the main characters, she is very self-centered and snobbish, and often for no reason.

She enjoys putting others down so she can be more popular than the other students at Webster High. She always believes that she needs to be the best at everything, sometimes making quite diabolical plans. She also is always annoyed, jealous or even offended when someone else is getting more attention than her, or is said to be better at something than her. She does not allow anyone to get in her way of anything.

She believes that she is good at nearly everything, including singing, basketball, writing, dancing, etc. She is a cheerleader and is the main rival of Chyna, the main protagonist of the series and fellow ANT Farm member. Her best friend is Paisley, a popular though incompetent cheerleader.

As the series goes on, Lexi has mellowed out and become less villainous, and although she remains mean, she is more of a friend to the other ANT Farm members. She particularly has an odd friendship with Chyna's older brother Cameron Parks. At the end of the series, she was seen doing an off-Broadway show starring as herself, only to be constantly covered in garbage due to her standing in the spot where the dumpster originally was.




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