Leyla Karistiran is a villainess that appears only in the video game From Russia With Love based on the classic 007 films. She is a Russian soldier who has a different looking appearance than regular Soviet soldiers. She is a thin middle-aged looking woman with dark hair and dark eyes. She has an eyepatch over the right side of her eye as a typical looking pirate would. In the story mode, she is not actually seen. She is found in the game's multiplayer and is never actually seen fighting Bond or no MI6 agent at all. In the game which is only for PS2, she seems to be loyal to her team and she will do anything to defeat her opponents. She appears to have a scarlet-colored bodysuit with a black pattern near the arms. This was probably given to her so she can adjust to the cold and other drastic temperatures. She is one of the couple Soviet women to have died in James Bond another was Xenia Onatopp who got killed while fighting 007.

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