Lheu Brenin is a chieftain for the Wild Men of Dunland who is exclusive to the videogame Lord of the Rings: Online.

Unlike some of his fellow Wild Men, who are actually not without redeeming qualities and some can in fact be befriended, Lheu is an utterly vicious individual who happily throws in with Saruman in the name of power and leads his followers on violent attacks against the people of Rohan.

He is also shown to have no love for his daughter (who he tries to sacrifice when convenient for power), or his men (preferring to hang back and let them do all the fighting and being overall a fairly cowardly individual who only fights when he absolutely has to).

Come the battle of Helm's Deep, he leads his men into the Glittering Caves with the intention of ambushing the women and children that have taken refuge there and slaughtering them to the last. Fortunately, this plan is foiled by the player character and Gimli, who finally kill him after a pitched battle, ignoring the villain's pleas for mercy.


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