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Liam Hammond is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He appeared as a major antagonist in 1999.

In his storyline, Liam started out as an employee of Tate Haulege in the build-up to it's namesake leader Chris Tate being kidnapped in a high-profile scenario during Autumn that year. It was soon revealed that Liam was the one who kidnapped Chris, before it later transpired that they were half-brothers - as Liam is actually the illegitimate son of Chris' father Frank Tate. The plotline ultimately concluded with Liam being killed-off by his and Chris' sister Zoe Tate.

The character was portrayed by Mark Powley.


Liam Hammond first came to Emmerdale in 1999 as a newly-hired employee of Tate Haulege, a successful business company owned by local businessman Chris Tate.

By September that year, Liam seemed to have earned Chris' trust and got on well with fellow employees. But then Chris' ruthlesness led to him making enemies, and at times he took his anger out on Liam over the next few weeks. Soon enough, Chris was kidnapped by an unknown assailant; nobody knew who kidnapped him, although Chris' estranged business partner Sean Reynolds was the prime suspect in Chris' unexplained abduction.

It is eventually revealed that Chris' kidnapper is actually Liam, who demands a substantial money ransom from his boss. Chris' kidnapping ordeal continues on throughout October 1999 before November emerges. During this time, Liam makes a shocking revelation to Chris - that they are half-brothers and that Liam is actually the illegitimate son of Chris' father Frank Tate, who had been killed by his estranged wife Kim over two years ago in May 1997. At somepoint, Liam explained that his late mother was the subject of an affair whom Frank had been two-timing with behind the back of Chris' mother Jean whilst she was dying of cancer; Frank soon abandoned Liam's mother and she was left to raise Liam on her own from poverty before she eventually died. Chris sympathized with Liam's terrible upbringing and the pair formed an unlikely bond together.

In November 1999, however, Chris' kidnapping is discovered by his sister Zoe when she and his right-hand man Terry Woods begin to suspect that Liam is responsible for the situation. They track Liam down to his hideout, only for Liam to discover their presence and hold them at gunpoint. He knocks Terry out before taking Zoe hostage to where Chris is being held captive. As Zoe reunites with Chris, he explains that Liam is their half-brother. Zoe disbelieves this and begins an argument with Chris, during which Liam attempts to defuse the situation - at which point he leaves his gun behind. Zoe takes the opportunity to snatch the gun and stop Liam from escaping. Chris tells Zoe to pull the gun down as she contemplates on shooting Liam, who believes that she won't go through with it by reminding her that he is her half-brother. But then Zoe ends up pulling the trigger, shooting Liam and killing him on the impact. Moments later, the Tates are rescued by the police and Liam is subsuqently buried next to Frank's grave - as per-arranged by Chris.


  • He made a total of 33 appearences during his time on the show.
  • Liam was born on 9th August 1961.