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Can't you see that benders have created four nations, instead of one world? This division is why there is war. The only road to peace is to even the playing field!
~ Lian to Team Avatar.

Lian, also known as "The Maker", is the main antagonist of the 2006 video game, Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Video Game. She is a highly-skilled mechanist who wants to eliminate all benders and replace then with machines.

She was voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.


At the Northern Water Tribe, a waterbender named Hiryu was captured by one of Lian's machines. When Master Wei sends Aang to look for Hiryu and solve his disappearance, Zuko attacks the village and captures Katara. As Aang and Sokka try to follow Zuko, they are attacked by a massive firebending machine and they defeat it. When they notice the Fire Nation symbol on the machine, they head out on Appa and follow Zuko's ship to a local Earth Kingdom village, where Katara is being help captive.

Aang and Sokka sneak into the prison disguised as Fire Nation soldiers and manage to rescue Katara. However, Katara tells them that Lian is being held prisoner and is forced to create machines for the Fire Nation. Team Avatar manages to defeat the jailer guarding Lian, but they find her gone and head off to an earthbending training camp.

Team Avatar arrives at the camp, where they find Haru and Tyro being attacked by the machines. After defeating the machines, the team learns from Tyro that an earthbender named Yuan has been captured. Haru then joins Team Avatar in hopes of finding his friend and they head to Omashu to inform King Bumi about the machines after being instructed to go there by the forest spirit.

After the team learns from Bumi that they should head to a mysterious island called Four Paws Island, the team tries to escape Omashu when the Fire Nation attacks the city. Bumi's advisor tries to stop Team Avatar from leaving and they engage in a fight, to which the team succeeds in defeating the consul. Team Avatar flees the city before Zuko could arrive and capture them. As Zuko interrogates the consul on Team Avatar's whereabouts, a machine arrives and captures Zuko.

The team travels to Four Paws Island and investigate its secrets. The team enter a cave and find Lian constructing a machine. Aang offers to help her escape before the Fire Nation could arrive, but Lian states that the Fire Nation is not on the island and that they only get in her way of creating her machines. Lian then reveals her plans to use her machines to end the Hundred Year War and offers Team Avatar to join her, but Aang denounces her advice. Lian states that Aang won't complete his Avatar training in time before Sozin's Comet arrives and threatens to end the Avatar cycle. Lian then sends her prototype dreadnaught to destroy the team and escapes. After the team manages to defeat the machine, Aang realizes that Lian is headed for an air temple to destroy the Avatar statues at the air temple sanctuary and heads over there to stop her machines, while Katara, Sokka and Haru defend a nearby Earth Kingdom village from being attacked. Aang manages to destroy the machines from dismantling the statues, but the machines head to the village and capture Katara, Sokka and Haru. Aang heads to the village and fights a geo-tunneller. Aang destroys the giant machine and travels to an underground village.

Aang manages to find a fortress, where his friends are being held captive. Aang releases all his friends and tries to rescue Zuko, but the fire prince falls and gets swept away by a river. Team Avatar travels deeper into the fortress and they spot Lian. They give chase, but Lian closes the gates and sends another dreadnaught to finish off the team. The team manages to destroy the dreadnaught and they follow Lian.

Team Avatar arrives at the deepest part of the fortress and discover Lian with her Ultimaton. Lian states that benders are the source of conflict in the world and explains her goal to remove all benders to bring balance to the world, as she believes that the division between the elements was the real reason for the Hundred Year War. Sokka voices his disagreement towards her plans and Lian shows the team the benders she captured to help her create her Ultimaton, consisting of Hiryu, Yuan and a Fire Nation soldier. Haru tells Lian to release Yuan, to which Lian explains that her benders have their free will and threatens to eliminate Team Avatar if they do not comply with her orders. Aang explains that being the Avatar is more than just bending all the elements, to which Lian replies that her Ultimaton is more powerful and useful than the Avatar and that she will use it to destroy all benders, including Aang.

Team Avatar engages in a fight with the Ultimaton and manages to defeat the machine, but Haru gets injured in the process. The Ultimaton regains consciousness and tries to attack Aang from behind, but Katara sacrifices herself to save Aang and is knocked unconscious. Lian taunts the team for thinking her Ultimaton would be defeated so easily, which triggers Aang into going into the Avatar State. Aang manages to defeat the Ultimaton with ease and it collapses, ending Lian's reign of terror for good.

Lian's fate varies in different versions of the game. In the Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Wii versions, Lian braces herself to block any debris that may fall her way before the Ultimaton collapses onto her, presumably killing her. In the PlayStation Portal and DS versions, Lian collapses in disbelief that her greatest weapon was destroyed and Yuan vowed that he and Lian would atone for their actions. In the Game Boy Advance version, there is no hint of what happened to Lian afterwards.


  • Lian was completely absent in the PC version of the game.
  • Lian's inventions are based on the four bending elements: The Soaker correlates to water, the Stomper and Guarder correlate to earth, the Inferno correlates to fire, and the Tempest correlates to air.
  • Her name can be translated as 连, which means "to join" or "to connect" in Chinese.
  • Lian's anti-bending ideologies bear strong similarities to Amon and his Equalists from The Legend of Korra.
    • In addition, Hiroshi Sato's machines serve a similar purpose to Lian's machines as well.


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