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Liang is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.

He was portrayed by Liáng Zǐhào.


Liang is a student at Fighting Dragons Kung Fu studio. He is also friends with Cheng and apart of his gang.

In the beginning of the film, he is seen hanging out with Cheng and his gang which he does throughout most scenes. He is presented as a bully who just echoes Cheng's every move. Liang appears at the start of the film when Cheng and Dre Parker meet for the first time and end up fighting. During their fight, Liang is seen holding Meiying back and antagonising Dre to attack Cheng but only encouraged him to do so as Dre is not an experienced fighter like them. Later on in the film, Liang is seen sparing with Zhuang in Fighting Dragons studio. Liang starts off with full control, dragging and tossing Zhuang around, later on in their fight Zhuang counters Liang's attack and swipes his leg and falls to the ground. Zhuang then holds back from finishing him and is questioned by Master Li. Zhuang then finishes him and pays the price for not doing so automatically and gets slapped in the face by Li. This scene shows why Cheng, Liang and the gang are so corrupted. Near the end of the film the tournament is in action with Cheng, Dre and Liang all taking place in it. Cheng brutally takes down all of his opponents, Dre comes across as more of a threat after each fight he wins and Liang is seen to be really acrobatic when he scissors his first opponent. After Cheng advances to the final, Liang is up to fight Dre in the next round, before this happens Master Li hatches a plan for Liang to ''break'' Dre down in their fight. Liang hesitates but still accepts his master's request. Dre and Liang then fight it out. They bow and wait for the other one to attack, Liang attacks first riffling hits and kicks in Dre's direction, Dre blocks all the hits and tries countering them with a kick but that is reversed by Liang who uses his elbow to badly injure his leg. As for that Liang is disqualified, he is seen with a disappointing look on his face whilst Dre moans in pain on the mat.

Liang is seen later on at the end of film showing his respects towards Dre and Mr. Han as Dre beats Cheng in the final.