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What's better than roses on your piano? Two lips on your organs!
~ The Rape Ghost mocks the teens as they flee in terror.

The Rape Ghost is a minor antagonist in the Adult Swim animated series Robot Chicken.

He was voiced by Seth Green who has also voiced other characters in the series, including Robot Chicken, Little Drummer Boy and one of the aliens as well as portrayed Scott Evil in Austin Powers film series.


When four teenagers are forced to spend the night at a haunted mansion after losing a bet, Dean and his girlfriend go into one of the rooms to have sex while Tina and a nerd go their own ways. While in the room, Dean parodies Fall Out Boy while using the piano, when he is suddenly taken away by a rotating wall, causing his girlfriend to panic. The rotating wall soon brings back the now-shell shocked Dean who has his pants down and starts running while revealing that he was raped by a ghost.

In another room, the nerd is looking for an old medical book for naked women and unzips his pants when the ghost suddenly closes the door and rapes him as well. The teens soon run out of the mansion when the ghost appears before them and makes sexual joke at their expense. He then says the group's boys are welcome back any time, but is disgusted when Tina asks if she could come back as well, giving her an unenthusiastic "No".


The Rape ghost is depicted as a homosexual pervert. He also seems to be a misogynist considering his disgusted reaction to Tina asking if she is welcome back any time, though he could have also refused her request due to being gay.


The Rape Ghost is shown to have brown hair and wear a flamboyant outfit. Being seen as a ghost, he appears as a transparent figure whose legs are not visible.


  • At one point Tina says "I sure hope the Rape Ghost doesn't get me". However, no one had mentioned the ghost to her prior to Dean getting raped which she didn't witness.


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