The Liberation Militia are major antagonists in the Noughts & Crosses franchise. They were a terrorist group and were originally led by the late Ryan McGregor but after the latter was arrested Jude McGregor took over his father's original position.

The group was formed by various Noughts who were sick and tired crosses being viewed as superior and more worthy of things like a proper education than Noughts were. The group was very vicious and regarded loyalty very seriously and would brutally murder anyone who betrayed them. After the death of Jude McGregor and Kamal Hadley's downfall the group dispatched and fell into obscurity. The group was betrayed by several of its own members although the majority of the traitors were murdered (some even by Jude himself).



  • Kamal Hadley & his family.
  • Andrew Dorn (former member who betrayed them).
  • Most of the British government.
  • Most authorities such as police officers.