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The Library of Skulls is a highly knowledgeable sentient "library" used by the Sleestaks in the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost and its 2009 movie adaptation.

The Library of Skulls is located in the Lost City. It is a foggy cavern containing glowing Altrusian skulls and urns on pedestals and ledges. The urns emit a "sacred smoke" that induces a form of telepathy that allows the user to communicate with the Skulls, however a lengthy exposure to the smoke causes hallucinations.

The Skulls are databases that can tell information through voices. They are even able to predict or prophesize the future. Each Skull has a different areas of expertise or specialization ("Skull of History", "Skull of Wisdom", etc.). Despite being sentient, they don't have any specific goals.

The Sleestaks always consult the Library of Skulls for advice on important matters, especially the Sleestak Leader and Enik. However, under some circumstances, others may also ask questions. The Sleestaks have an immense respect for the Skulls, and never question them.

Appearances in other media


The Library of Skulls as seen in the 2009 movie Land of the Lost.

In the 2009 movie, the Library of Skulls is very different. It is located in the exterior part of the Lost City and surrounds the "Hole of No Return". The Skulls appears to be much more active than in the series since they apparently command all the Sleestaks who are not controlled by Enik. They send their Sleestaks to capture Holly for having helped Enik and condemn her to be sacrificed in the "Hole of No Return", but Rick and Will come to rescue her and manage to defeat all the Sleestaks.
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