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The Lich King is a supporting antagonist in Terrors of the Forest, the first book in the Mystery of Entity303 series of the Gameknight999 saga. The Lich King is a boss mob from the Twilight Forest mod who rules from the Lich Tower.


The Lich King appears as a normal Minecraft skeleton, but wearing a golden crown and a purple cape and kilt. He carries shields and a battle axe to use in combat.


The Mystery of Entity303


Terrors of the Forest

While on the trail of Entity303, Gameknight and his friends discover that he is headed for the White Castle. To enter it, they will need three keys. After defeating the Naga and taking its key, Gameknight and his friends go to the Lich Tower, as the Lich King possesses one of the keys.

In the Lich Tower, Gameknight and his friends attack the Lich King and his monsters. The Lich King summons Minecraft monsters to defend himself, but Gameknight and his NPC allies overtake them. Gameknight then fights the Lich King, kills him, and takes his key.


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