Liches are mythological undead creatures which can be a skeleton or zombie.


It is depicted as an immortal, undead, skeletal magician which is intelligent of using magic. This creature is also popular in video games and movies. Its name also means "corpse" as an Old English word.

The lich seems to originate in the early 20th century without any clear ties to older mythology. If a powerful magician has cheated in mytheia, he did it while still alive. The lich is also not an animated corpse, so the idea of spell casting undead husk seems to originate works of people such as Clark Ashton. Sauron from The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkein bears a resemblance to a lich


Adventure Time

In Adventure Time, there is a lich in the 2-part minute finale on the second season and fourth season as an antagonist. He makes appearances in five episodes. The lich makes his debut in "Mortal Folly".
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A lich in Adventure Time.


Rasputin (Anastasia)

Rasputin, a lich in Anastasia.

Rasputin from 20th Century Fox is depicted as a lich who is the main villain of the film. He cannot die until Anastasia's family has been killed.

Dungeons and Dragons

The lich is an enemy encountered in the Dungeons & Dragons game. It is one of the best known sources of this monster in the game, Dungeons & Dragons. It has removed its soul and stored a repository of some kind.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The lich is the final boss in the Forsaken Province in this video game. It is the first boss encountered in the video game, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. One must be at least Level 20 to kill it.