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When little, I small, tiny, despised. Then, Growth spurt! Respect, friends, positive selfimage. Gotta stay the biggest!
~ Lidong explaining his origin.

Lidong is an antagonist in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He's the younger but physically bigger cousin of Fung.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Lidong made his first appearance in the episode "Kung Fu Day Care" as the climax main antagonist. When Fung approached him with assistance in kidnapping Zan for a ransom. Lidong complied and helped Fung and his bandits locate Zan in the Kung Fu Temple, where the latter was interacting with Tigress during the time. He confronted the duo and fought Tigress at the temple, where he easily gained the upper hand and outmatched her skills. He then kept hold of Tigress long enough for Fung and his bandits to flee the palace with Zan, but this didn't last long when Tigress manages to free herself and knock Lidong unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, he witnessed Fung and his gang cowardly attempting to flee from Tigress and ended up betraying them; calling Fung pathetically useless and knocking them down towards Tigress. The two continued to fight afterwards, with Lidong escalating his advantage until Tigress strengthens herself into overpowering him. He is eventually defeated when Tigress outmaneuvers his attempts to drop Zan towards the ground, and instead sends him flying towards the ground instead.

In "The Midnight Stranger", Lidong was recruited by a band of pig bandits to deal with the Midnight Stranger (Po in disguise). He and the rest of the bandits were subsequently defeated by Po and Constable Hu.

In "Huge", he helped Fung and his bandits rob Ying the grocer and defeat Po and Mantis. Later, when Fung and the others stole the Gong Tau Potion to make them all gigantic, Lidong stopped them from drinking it, declaring he didn't want others to be bigger than him. He soon drank the potion and fought Mantis at the village, where he took advantage of the confrontation until Mantis returned to his normal size after he took a sip of the antidote. He then entered Lidong's giant body to attack him from the inside, beating Lidong and shrinking him in the process when Mantis emptied the rest of the potion into his stomach. Unfortunately for Lidong, he did not return to his normal size but instead became even smaller than his fellow Croc bandits.


  • He resembles a prehistoric crocodilian called Sarcosuchus.
  • Lidong was originally a tiny crocodile until a growth spurt granted him his large size.



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